1. Stan says:

    Good on you mate!

    You have had a long habit of standing up for those who can not stand up for themselves.

  2. Nic Samojluk says:


    You have done a superb job in researching and reporting on this story which has captured the attention of many Adventist and non-Adventist media sources.

    I would like to point out that in honoring Dr. Edward Allred in spite of its heavy involvement with the abortion industry, La Sierra University has done nothing that is drastically different from what the Adventist Church has done.

    The main difference between what Allred did and what the church was able to accomplish is that this doctor designed a more efficient method of killing unborn babies.

    If we condemn Allred's success in profiting from abortion, then we must also condemn what the church did. The Adventist leadership allowed our own hospitals to profit from abortions on demand starting back in 1970 when the State of Hawaii legalized abortion.

  3. Doug Yowell says:

    Thanks for the article,Michael. What's as despicable as Dr. Allred's moral incoherence is LSU's honoring of it. Becker's attempt to not only defend the donation but also the naming of the center reveals how low LSU is willing to prostitute itself in order to provide it's version of an "Adventist education". Taking Becker's word for it perhaps we should now expect sizable donations from publishing and marketing pioneers Larry Flint and Hugh Hefner, towards the establishment of the new LSU Arts and Journalism Center. Or perhaps the LSU's new Advertising department made possible by the generous donations of Carlos Brito Anheuser-Busch CEO. Rename the center and give the money back!! God doesn't need it.And the SDA church doesn't need any more blood on it's hands.Thanks again for sounding the warning.

  4. Doug Yowell says:

    This is in direct defiance of the Church's 1992 "guidelines/suggestions",LSU's equivalent of Jehoiakim, hearing the words of the Jeremiah's scroll and burning them.And don't forget to mention that Dr. Allred has now added to his business portfolio acquisition of the Los Alamitos Racetrack. Abortion and gambling is now honored at LSU.

  5. I could not have said it better myself. I have always felt proud to have graduated from LSU. However, this is more than just an unfortunate embarrassment. It is a claim and endorsement that is equivalent to prostitution of the moral stance the University claims to uphold. Allred saw no value in minority contributions and felt absolutely no compunction about finding ways to slaughter as many minorities as possible. A racist who felt it his right to kill all who did not fit his definition of value before they had any opportunity to contribute. I can not see any benefit other than as a means for those who chose the name to declare a shared outlook and lack of moral compass.

  6. Ivan Chamberlain says:

    It is a crying shame the SDA church went down the AMA accreditation road which = rejecting Gods way = $ = worldly recognition = death of kids = death to those who don't repent and turn from there wicked ways. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

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