iStockPhotoBy Jason Hines — Because of sit­u­a­tions in my own life I have been repeat­edly return­ing to the con­cept of lov­ing your ene­mies. I have wres­tled with this issue pub­licly (I have preached a ser­mon on this sub­ject twice) and at times in this space, but I have yet to share here my spir­i­tual thoughts on the issue. The best place to begin is with the words of Christ. In Matthew 5:43–48 (NASB) Jesus says,

As we look at some of the lessons of the Bible on lov­ing your ene­mies, I think there are some lessons that we can learn.

Gen 31 we see an uncle and a nephew, a father-in-law and a son-in-law at odds with each other. In 1 Sam 24, we have a men­tor and a mentee, as well as a father-in-law and a son-in– law at odds with each other in Saul and David. The ani­mos­ity between Jesus and Judas is told to us in Matt 26. Of course this is Jesus with one of the 12 peo­ple he shared his min­istry with. How quick we are to for­sake the love we once had switch to hate.


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