Abraham and Isaac

One hun­dred sev­enty years ago, Soren Kierkegaard wrote Fear and Trem­bling. Ten years ago, I read it for the first time and it changed my life. In it Kierkegaard out­lines prin­ci­ples for liv­ing the life of faith by look­ing at Abra­ham, who he deems the knight of faith. Kierkegaard iden­ti­fies five require­ments to be a knight of faith. I do not con­sider these require­ments to be hard and fast rules (in fact I will chal­lenge at least one of them), but I do think that these are good things to think about if we are going to live a life of faith.

1. The knight of faith must be will­ing to set aside per­sonal com­fort for a higher cause/calling.

2. The knight of faith remains strong in the face of inter­nal opposition.

3. The knight of faith sees the world the right way.

The third require­ment of the knight of faith is that the knight must view the world dif­fer­ently. Their rela­tion­ship to earthly con­ven­tions is deter­mined by their rela­tion­ship to the heav­enly realm and not the other way around. In short, the knight of faith puts God above any­thing else.

4. The knight of faith must be will­ing to make the move of resignation.

5. Finally the knight of faith must make the move of faith.

Isaac him­self was a mir­a­cle


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