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La Sierra Uni­ver­sity has responded to con­cerns regard­ing its nam­ing of the Edward C. Allred Cen­ter of Finan­cial Lit­er­acy and Entre­pre­neur­ship that have cir­cu­lated in recent days with the fol­low­ing press release.

Web­sites cov­er­ing the story include Chris­tian­ity TodayWorld­Net­Daily, The Chris­t­ian Post, Advin­di­cate, Life Site News, Cal­i­for­nia Catholic Daily, and Reli​gious​Lib​erty​.TV among others.

From Larry Becker, Pub­lic Rela­tions, La Sierra Uni­ver­sity:

Dr. Edward Allred has a long­stand­ing belief that young peo­ple need bet­ter prepa­ra­tion to meet the world’s eco­nomic chal­lenges through devel­op­ment of per­sonal finan­cial man­age­ment skills. This belief led him to pro­vide finan­cial sup­port for a new Cen­ter for Finan­cial Lit­er­acy and Entre­pre­neur­ship at La Sierra University.

Dr. Allred is an alum­nus of La Sierra, and has con­tin­ued to fol­low the University’s activ­i­ties through the years. He remains active in the Seventh-day Adven­tist Church. La Sierra Uni­ver­sity is one of many Seventh-day Adven­tist insti­tu­tions and church orga­ni­za­tions through­out North Amer­ica that have ben­e­fited from his phil­an­thropic giving.

The University’s Nam­ing Pol­icy says, “Nam­ing Oppor­tu­ni­ties pro­vide a means to honor per­sonal con­tri­bu­tions, ser­vice, and achieve­ment of the hon­oree as well as their con­tri­bu­tion of resources to sup­port the Uni­ver­sity.”  Each pro­posal is con­sid­ered on its own mer­its. To respect each donor’s right to pri­vacy, the doc­u­men­ta­tion and dis­cus­sions relat­ing to each pro­posal are confidential.



  1. BC says:

    A fail­ure of a statement–it fails to men­tion any­thing about WHY peo­ple are upset.

  2. Concerned says:

    It looks like it doesn’t mat­ter so long as a dona­tion was made. So we can prob­a­bly expect the Hugh Hefner Insti­tute of Gen­der Stud­ies if he gave a dona­tion. It’s all about the money for this Uni­ver­sity — this so-called “press release” cements that fact in place. Allred mech­a­nized the abor­tions of hun­dreds of thou­sands and needs to be held account­able by the church, not given a feather in his cap. All this release shows is that the con­cerns were justified.

  3. Kevin Straub says:

    I fail to see how this is in any way a response to con­cerns over the nam­ing of the cen­ter. This is yet another exam­ple and con­fir­ma­tion that “this peo­ple hath a revolt­ing and a rebel­lious heart; they are revolted and gone” (Jer. 5:23). I stopped sup­port­ing insti­tu­tional Adven­tism years ago, turn­ing my dol­lars and efforts over to the ser­vants of God who are still involved in the actual three angels’ messages.

  4. It would be enough that he is involved with horse rac­ing and the bro­ken lives that that brings. Rac­ing tracks are open on Sat. They serve booze. So the fact that he attended our schools does not make him into a saintly fig­ure. Giv­ing a huge amount of money to the school with the dept named after him…well that really does smack of buy­ing one’s way into the good graces of some.…but let’s face it. Money does not talk in heaven. But, how does the uni­ver­sity answer the ques­tions that the stu­dents are apt to raise? How can they jus­tify this bla­tant case of try­ing to buy some good will.
    My main ques­tion is what next at La Sierra? Who is run­ning the show?

  5. Except, pagophilus, that tithe money sup­ports those insti­tu­tions, so if you pay tithe you’re indi­rectly sup­port­ing them, and hence pay­ing for the under­min­ing of the Adven­tist faith.

  6. […] neu­tral on the sub­ject can become pro­mot­ers as they face daunt­ing finan­cial strug­gles and cast Faus­t­ian bar­gains with those who have made their for­tunes in the death […]

  7. […] neu­tral on the sub­ject can become pro­mot­ers as they face daunt­ing finan­cial strug­gles and cast Faus­t­ian bar­gains with those who have made their for­tunes in the death […]

  8. I guess it doesn’t mat­ter where the donation’s come from or how they are sourced as long as it is given to them at the altar. What is ironic is the open­ing statement,–

    Yeah that may be true La Sierra! That is all except for the WOULD HAVE BEEN young ones who could not out­run the Abor­tion Doctor’s curette!

    I sug­gest you read the orig­i­nal arti­cle from the San Diego Union Tri­bune. The Abor­tion Doctor’s com­ments are all too reveal­ing of his heart.


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