May 5, 2010 — WASHINGTON (RNS) — More than a decade after it was first intro­duced, an on-again off-again bill to pro­tect employ­ees’ reli­gious expres­sion in the work­place is attract­ing renewed atten­tion that could lead to action on Capi­tol Hill in com­ing weeks.

The bill will be intro­duced to Con­gress soon in a fash­ion that will elim­i­nate the con­cerns some folks had since its incep­tion,” said Richard Foltin, the direc­tor of national and leg­isla­tive affairs for the Amer­i­can Jew­ish Committee.

Touted in cer­tain cir­cles as the “WRFA god,” Foltin co-chairs an unusu­ally broad coali­tion of almost 40 reli­gious groups, from Sikhs to Seventh-Day Adven­tists to South­ern Bap­tists, who sup­port the bill’s reli­gious free­dom expansions.

If passed, the now nar­rowly tai­lored leg­is­la­tion would require employ­ers to make rea­son­able accom­mo­da­tion in the three areas where the vast major­ity of reli­gious accom­mo­da­tion claims fall: reli­gious cloth­ing, groom­ing, and sched­ul­ing of reli­gious holidays.

READ THE FULL ARTICLE: http://​www​.cross​walk​.com/​n​e​w​s​/​r​e​l​i​g​i​o​n​t​o​d​a​y​/​1​1​6​3​1​1​59/

Reli​gious​Lib​erty​.TV will con­tinue to track devel­op­ments of this leg­is­la­tion which is sim­i­lar to the Work­place Reli­gious Free­dom Act passed in Ore­gon last year.

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