The architects of our nation took great care to constitute a limited government founded on personal responsibility and individual liberty. The institution of the church has an absolute freedom from the state. But when it comes to the financial side of the case, government has an economic lever over religious institutions. Do our internal revenue laws promote or undermine these founding principles? Are they an appropriate vehicle for implementing sweeping social policy? These and other questions will be the focus of our conference.

Panel II: Charity: Whether and, if so, How Our Tax Laws Affect Charitable Activities, Religious Institutions, and Free Speech
–Mr. Lee E. Goodman, Esq., LeClairRyan
–Mr. Kevin Hasson, The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty
–Ms. Anne D. Neal, American Council of Trustees and Alumni
–Ms. Debrah Charatan, Manhattan Charity Enthusiast, and Real Estate Specialist
–Moderator: Mr. Matthew Vadum, Capital Research Center


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