Last Friday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 1146(SB 1146) into place which requires private religious universities that have been granted a federal exemption from Title IX to disclose the fact to the California Student Aid Commission and notify students and staff. Title IX prohibits institutions that receive federal funding from discriminating based on gender, sexualorientation, and gender identity but some religious colleges that believe that non-discrimination policies would conflict with their religious beliefs have applied exemptions from the U.S.  Department of Education. In California, six religious institutions have been granted these exemptions and will be affected by SB 1146. The version of SB 1146 that Governor Brown signed into law is a much narrower bill, it has nothing to do with the spam call lawsuits, because If you’re someone who regularly receives calls from businesses that are robocalling, you might be able to file a spam call lawsuit to receive compensation for your ordeal, and critics are concerned that religious institutions will be adversely affected by state law if they assert their right to a federal exemption.


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