You may recall that Pastor Stephen Boissoin got himself in hot water with the Alberta Human Rights Commission when he wrote a letter to the editor of the Red Deer Advocate that was critical of the “homosexual agenda.”  The community newspaper published the letter and the pastor was promptly sued.  Limits on free speech can lead to persecution and should be a concern for everybody who at one time or another dares to express something controversial from any point of view in the marketplace of ideas.  Editor

For more information about “thought crimes” see “Thought and Crime” which was published in Liberty magazine in the March/April 2008 issue.  Since then, we have posted an update at RLTV.  A series of fundraisers ahve been planned for Canada to support Pastor Stephen Boissoin.  Thanks to Mark Chipeur for alerting us to these events. The following text is lifted from their promotional materials. Michael Peabody]

Stephen Boissoin was hauled before Alberta’s human rights commission over a complaint from a teacher with a Messianic complex. This teacher accused Mr. Boissoin of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation over a letter criticising homosexuality that was published in the Red Deer Advocate.

The human rights commission found Mr. Boissoin guilty of discrimination and hate. The adjudicator has banned Mr. Boissoin from preaching the Gospel This militantly state-ist ruling is one of the most aggressive attempts yet in Canada to stamp out public Christianity.

Alberta’s provincial government intervened in the case on the side of the commission and the complainant, against Mr. Boissoin.

The “human rights” commissioner also ordered Mr. Boissoin to issue a – false, if necessary – apology for his written comments. He was also ordered to pay money to the complainant for hurt feelings even though the complainant was supposedly fighting on behalf of homosexuals, not for himself.

Stephen Boissoin fears God and has refused to comply with this “human rights” decision. Instead, he has appealed the decision into Alberta’s court system.

This course of action, which has very important implications for all Christians and lovers of freedom, not just for Mr. Boissoin himself, may cost a lot of money.

Ezra Levant incurred a cost of $100,000 to fight back against an Alberta human rights commission attack based on his publication of the Muslim “Danish cartoons” in Western Standard magazine.

Christian businessman Scott Brockie incurred $170,000 in costs to fight several appeals of a homosexual-based “human rights” complaint in Ontario.

We need to support Mr. Boissoin’s legal challenge. We need to hold up his arms and help him fight this battle. The ECP Centre stands with Mr. Boissoin, and we are asking you also to lend your support to this important appeal, to join this battle to preserve fundamental freedoms in Canada – the freedom to share the Gospel to all people, including homosexuals; freedom of religion, freedom of conscience and freedom of speech.

Religious Freedom Fundraising Dinners:

Calgary – April 30
Red Deer – May 1st
Edmonton – May 2nd

Ezra Levant, one of Canada’s most powerful and relentless advocates for freedom will be the Feature Speaker at each of the three Fundraising Dinners to be held in Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton.

Ezra has just published a book on the scandal of human rights abuse by the Human Rights Commissions in Canada. Autographed copies will be available at each of the Fundraising Dinners.

The Calgary dinner is on Thursday, April 30th. The Red Deer dinner will take place on Friday, May 1st. The Edmonton dinner is scheduled for Saturday, May 2nd.

Tickets for these Fundraising Dinners are $100 each. I look forward to seeing you in Calgary, Red Deer or Edmonton. Please let ECP know how many tickets you would like to reserve and send your donation directly to:

ECP Centre,
P.O. Box 7,
Russell, Ontario K4R 1C7 or call
613-482-1790. Tickets can also be purchased online at

Download the event poster at

ECP is also looking for sponsors who would like to sponsor a table of eight. If you are interested in helping Rev. Boissoin and the ECP
Centre with that level of support, please call them at 613-482-1790.

Thank you for you interest and support for this important court case and the other threats to freedom that must be addressed across Canada.

*Funds raised at these dinners will be allocated with 50% directed to Rev. Stephen Boissoin’s legal expenses and 50% directed to the work of
the ECP Centre, which includes direct support and advocacy for Rev. Stephen Boissoin’s case and other important cases across Canada.


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