"Sometimes momentous times are seen to be such only in hindsight. I believe we are living in such momentous times." Sigve Tonstad

Dr. Sigve Tonstad is a physician and theologian at Loma Linda University. Dr. Tonstad has a special interest in the book of Revelation. His doctrinal dissertation, "Saving God's Reputation," was completed at St. Andrews. This book looks at the cosmic conflict in the book of Revelation with an emphasis on the revelation of God's character and trustworthiness. Dr. Tonstad recently completed a three year Bible study on the book of Revelation. The last year of this series was recorded and can be found at www.Godscharacter.com. At the conclusion of this study, Dr. Tonstad gave four lectures with practical applications from the book of Revelation entitled "The Cosmic Conflict and the Future (of America)."

This lecture and others are posted online at http://godscharacter.com/index.php?topic=revelation_reality


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