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Last year an injunction was brought against the Laurelbrook School by the US Department of Labor. It alleged that Laurelbrook's vocational program was in violation of juvenile labor laws. The trial, currently in recess, is scheduled to resume on March 30. 

This is a landmark case for self-supporting schools. "If the Department [of Labor's] view were to prevail at trial," writes Laurelbrook's attorney, "virtually any non-academic training would be prohibited." However, a decision in Laurelbrook's favor would set an important precedent for continued vocational training at Adventist schools.

As the second phase of the trial begins, many Laurelbrook alumni are slated to testify on behalf of the school, explaining the benefits of a curriculum that includes productive labor and vocational training. ASI member Volker Schmidt is among those who will testify as a student parent and supporter.

. . .

The trial has presented considerable difficulties for Laurelbrook. "This labor case has taken a heavy toll on our institution with notoriety, low student census, immigration stalemates and loan denials due to current litigation," writes Laurelbrook president Chuck Hess. Massive legal fees along with low enrollment have forced the school to operate at a loss. And expenses for the second phase of the trial are expected to reach $150,000.


(Read more at http://www.asiministries.org/update-feature)

For more information, visit the Laurelbrook website.


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