I live in this town of Calhoun, GA. For the two years that I have resided here, I have noticed several curious differences between this small southern town and the cities where I lived in California, Washington State, and the United Kingdom. One of which is the illegality of selling alcohol on Sunday. While I am a teetotaler, I enjoy non-alcoholic beer on occasion and have tried purchasing it on Sunday, which was rather confusing. Not only was I unaware of the blue law preventing stores from selling alcoholic beverages on Christianity's traditional day of worship, I was very surprised it applied to non-alcoholic beer too. That law has now been repealed this week, thanks to a bill signed in Atlanta this year that cleared the path for Sunday sales of alcohol, further separating church and state in Georgia.

EXCERPT FROM THE CALHOUN TIMES: Local residents and patrons visiting the City of Calhoun will now be able to lift a glass on Sundays starting Tuesday, May 1 when the new drafted ordinance goes into effect. Mayor Palmer opened the final public hearing to amend the alcoholic beverage ordinance that will allow the sale of alcoholic beverages by the package and for consumption on the premises on Sundays.

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