I was going to address each story separately, but given that I have limited time and there are simply so many stories, I'm posting some links to interesting stories that are floating around the Web that have to do with this Convention.  Maybe, as one writer below suggests, this happens every election year and we just happen to "discover" it every time, or maybe this emphasis is new.  

The Republicans will have the choice next week to either play to the right and out-faith the Democrats, or pander to the middle and emphasize their secular side.  Expect another "Artifacts" story from this site next week.    

Democratic convention focuses on faith
Jerusalem Post, Israel – Aug 26, 2008
By HILARY LEILA KRIEGER, JPOST CORRESPONDENT IN DENVER As the Orthodox Union¹s Rabbi Tzvi Weinreb addressed the interfaith gathering that kicked off the 

Why Democrats Are Focused On Faith
NPR – Aug 25, 2008
by Alex Cohen Day to Day, August 25, 2008 · For the first time ever, the Democratic National Convention held an interfaith gathering prior to the convention 

From Prayer to 'Faith Caucuses,' Party to Show Religious Side
Wall Street Journal – Aug 24, 2008
By SUZANNE SATALINE Their convention opened Sunday with an interfaith prayer, which is set to be followed this week by an opening invocation and closing 

Democrats try to bridge 'God gap'
The National, United Arab Emirates – 7 hours ago
Democratic party delegates stand for the opening prayer of their party's convention. Stan Honda / AFP DENVER // With the bowing of heads and three uttered 

Too Much Jesus
Boise Weekly,  USA – 18 hours ago
BY NATHANIEL HOFFMAN Another indication that Obama's change thing is being co-opted is the amount of Jesus talk in Denver. Perhaps Obama is bringing more 

Dems Get Religion in Denver: All the Better to Eat
Dakota Voice, SD – Aug 25, 2008
The Democrat Party never ceases to amaze me with its shameless pandering in an attempt to deceive another vote or two out of people. 

Democratic Convention Interfaith Sunday
Huffington Post, NY – Aug 25, 2008
DENVER — It's 4 PM in the Convention Center, and I've been churched, well churched, sitting through the first official event of the 2008 Democratic 

Religion Takes Center Stage At Convention And Obama's Camp
National Journal, DC – Aug 23, 2008
by Brian Friel By different paths, Barack Obama and the Rev. Leah Daughtry arrived at the same conclusion: Their party needs to talk more often about faith. 

Interfaith and no faith
GetReligion, DC – Aug 21, 2008
One of the things that annoys me about journalists' lack of institutional memory is the way religious activism in politics is constantly being rediscovered. 


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