We are pleased to announce the Founders’ First Freedom High School and College Essay Contest winners and would like to thank all those who submitted entries.

The winning college essay, submitted by Helen Faulk, is entitled, “Understanding Religious Liberty in East Asia: A Matter of Definitions and Legacies.”

Helen Faulk

Ms. Faulk is a Psychology major with a writing minor at Southern Adventist University. She is pursuing a career pathway towards becoming a librarian in a public or collegiate setting who is also interested in teaching. Her other goals include publishing a book of poems or a novel. She enjoys reading a variety of subjects being particularly interested in the folktales and fairy tales of other cultures, which have helped her understand the conceptual historical legacy of the principles of East Asian culture that she used to draft my article.

Jared Butler

Jared Butler submitted the winning high school essay, entitled, “Why Religious Freedom Matters.”

Mr. Butler is in 10th grade at Oakton High School in Vienna, Virginia. His goals are to be a veterinarian and to be certified as a lifeguard. He was born in Huntsville, AL and moved to Virginia in 2011 where he attends Solid Rock Seventh-day Adventist church. He enjoys video games, math, science, history, and swimming. He is active in his local Pathfinder Club.




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