Red Alert: Hurtling Into EternityIn his new book, Red Alert: Hurtling Into Eternity, Dr. Herbert E. Douglass connects Bible prophecy with current headlines – increasing natural disasters; appearances of the Virgin Mary; wars and rumors of wars.  Prophecies are being fulfilled all around us, reinforcing the belief that time is short, this book will also be available in an audio book form, just choose a provided and ask yourself Is Audible worth it?

Here is a brief excerpt from this book:

Perhaps some are asking, "What does an economic collapse have to do with the Second Advent? Answer: The coming international economic meltdown, coupled with natural disasters, will drive governments to find scapegoats for the escalating calamities.

The religious card will be played. Something like this will be said, perhaps by the president of the United States: "We are in an enormous crisis. We need unity as never before. We need to restore our common values, our religious roots. We need fewer divisions, less hate talk. In fact, we are going to outlaw any group talking negatively about anyone else. This is a time to come together and fulfill the American dream. Remember, 'Righteousness exalted a nation.' Let's restore peace to our communities, at least for one day of the week. Let's restore America to the way it used to be."

Bingo! Sunday will be the day of choice, and the plea for tolerance and national unity will trump all negative talk about anyone's sexual orientation, ethnic origin, or religious beliefs.

So what? someone may ask. These unprecedented conditions we have been reviewing in these pages will soon compel frightened citizens to enact strict government laws that will evaporate the basic freedoms on which this country was founded. For instance, no longer will it be permissible to argue for which day is the Sabbath or to point out who changed it-that will be considered intolerant, divisive, and subject to rapid, legal incarceration.

These unprecedented conditions we have been reviewing in these pages will soon compel frightened citizens to enact strict government laws that will evaporate the basic freedoms on which this country was founded.

Bottom line–such a time will come, when loyal, patriotic citizens will not be able to buy or sell. And if they continue to be divisive with their appeal to freedom, as guaranteed in the Constitution, Revelation 13 comes into play. Verse 15 predicts that the law will say they should be killed! We are not there yet, but the stage is surely being set. Really, it has never been this late before!

Does anyone still doubt the accuracy of the predictions in Revelation 13 and 18 that we have just reviewed, and Testimonies, volume 9, page 13? In this chapter, we have briefly flown over the current economic/political distress primarily in the United States. Only a fool is saying, "All is well!" But the U.S.A. comprises only part of the world's predicaments.

In our next chapter we will focus on the quiet, though extraordinary methods being used to globalize all aspects of our lives, no matter what country we may live in. "All the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players," Shakespeare said so well in "As You Like It." Never before in earth's history has Planet Earth become such a world theater! Yes, we all are "bit" players! For the world to be bankrupt, "when great riches came to nothing"-that is still ahead.

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During his 60 year ministry, Dr. Herbert Douglass has served as a college theology professor, Atlantic Union College president, vice-president of a publishing house, president of Weimar Institute, vice-president for philanthropy at Adventist Heritage Ministry, and most recently, as consultant for Amazing Facts Ministry.  Author of many books and articles, Dr. Douglass earned his doctorate in 1964 at the Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, California. 





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  1. Rudy A. Driessen says:

    Anyone who has an interest in Bible prophecies should read this book by Herbert E Douglass!
    The content of this book is and will happen right before your eyes, everyone should be able to see and understand this, unless…………………!
    I would recommend this book, it brings you accurate and detailed information backed up by correct references. It will enlighten your understanding and proclaims prophecies being fulfilled introducing  the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ. The handwriting of this world's future is on the wall! If a person wants to know truth……this is it! God bless!

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