Inside Interfaith Iran - Liberty Magazine - September/October 2012Martin Surridge describes the status of religious liberty in Iran.


For the past few months the eyes of the believers around the world have been fixed on an Iranian death row "apostate" who has refused to recant his faith in Jesus Christ. Yousef Nadarkhani was first arrested in his hometown of Rasht, Iran, in October 2009, for violating the law by his protesting the mandatory Islamic education of Iranian children. Nadarkhani is a Christian pastor, one of approximately 300,000 Christians in the country of Iran, a country of 78 million people. According to the U.S. State Department's 2010 International Religious Freedom Report, the majority of Christians are ethnic Armenians. The number of practicing Protestants is thought to be less than 10,000. Those Protestants worship mostly in secret, in house churches like the one led by Nadarkhani in the province of Gilan.

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  1. I think Iran is bit modern these days but you find fanatics in some portion of the country I guess everywhere.

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