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La Sierra University has responded to concerns regarding its naming of the Edward C. Allred Center of Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship that have circulated in recent days with the following press release.

Websites covering the story include Christianity TodayWorldNetDaily, The Christian Post, Advindicate, Life Site News, California Catholic Daily, and ReligiousLiberty.TV among others.

From Larry Becker, Public Relations, La Sierra University:

Dr. Edward Allred has a longstanding belief that young people need better preparation to meet the world's economic challenges through development of personal financial management skills. This belief led him to provide financial support for a new Center for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship at La Sierra University.

This gift reflects Dr. Allred's support for the quality of education offered through the School of Business. The donation has enabled School of Business faculty members to develop an online curriculum and host on-campus business camps and workshops for teachers and students. The Center was established in 2010

Dr. Allred is an alumnus of La Sierra, and has continued to follow the University's activities through the years. He remains active in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. La Sierra University is one of many Seventh-day Adventist institutions and church organizations throughout North America that have benefited from his philanthropic giving.

The University's Naming Policy says, "Naming Opportunities provide a means to honor personal contributions, service, and achievement of the honoree as well as their contribution of resources to support the University."  Each proposal is considered on its own merits. To respect each donor's right to privacy, the documentation and discussions relating to each proposal are confidential.

La Sierra University benefits from the generosity of a wide variety of donors-Adventist and non-Adventist. The University values each gift as a donor's expression of support for its efforts to provide the best possible Adventist education to our students.



  1. BC says:

    A failure of a statement–it fails to mention anything about WHY people are upset.

  2. Concerned says:

    It looks like it doesn't matter so long as a donation was made. So we can probably expect the Hugh Hefner Institute of Gender Studies if he gave a donation. It's all about the money for this University – this so-called "press release" cements that fact in place. Allred mechanized the abortions of hundreds of thousands and needs to be held accountable by the church, not given a feather in his cap. All this release shows is that the concerns were justified.

  3. Kevin Straub says:

    I fail to see how this is in any way a response to concerns over the naming of the center. This is yet another example and confirmation that "this people hath a revolting and a rebellious heart; they are revolted and gone" (Jer. 5:23). I stopped supporting institutional Adventism years ago, turning my dollars and efforts over to the servants of God who are still involved in the actual three angels' messages.

  4. It would be enough that he is involved with horse racing and the broken lives that that brings. Racing tracks are open on Sat. They serve booze. So the fact that he attended our schools does not make him into a saintly figure. Giving a huge amount of money to the school with the dept named after him…well that really does smack of buying one's way into the good graces of some….but let's face it. Money does not talk in heaven. But, how does the university answer the questions that the students are apt to raise? How can they justify this blatant case of trying to buy some good will.
    My main question is what next at La Sierra? Who is running the show?

  5. Except, pagophilus, that tithe money supports those institutions, so if you pay tithe you're indirectly supporting them, and hence paying for the undermining of the Adventist faith.

  6. I guess it doesn't matter where the donation's come from or how they are sourced as long as it is given to them at the altar. What is ironic is the opening statement,–

    "Dr. Edward Allred has a longstanding belief that young people need better preparation to meet the worlds economic challenges through development of personal financial management skills."

    Yeah that may be true La Sierra! That is all except for the WOULD HAVE BEEN young ones who could not outrun the Abortion Doctor's curette!

    I suggest you read the original article from the San Diego Union Tribune. The Abortion Doctor's comments are all too revealing of his heart.


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