An inspirational presentation by Dr. Lawrence Geraty, former president of La Sierra University and noted archaeologist, speaking at Newbold College on how God's creation of a world of diversity should inform how we value the human rights of each individual.


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  1. Shirley says:

    The Bible gives us explicit description of God's original creation. Adam and Eve in their marriage were–PERFECT. The only thing not good at creation, was the fact that Adam was alone. NOT GOOD. But God did not leave Adam that way; He solved the problem–HIS way. After creation SIN entered, which God allowed but did not sanction. He loved His creation enough to sacrifice His own life through His Son, to create a way to recreate men and women back into the purity and beauty of God's image. Thank God He did not leave us to wallow in the mess we created by partaking of sin. God still loves us–enough to offer restoration to a remade life. Jesus longs for us to have a renewed mind. If I CONFESS my sin, HE is faithful and just to FORGIVE me my sins, and to CLEANSE me from ALL unrighteousness. Those who permit GOD to change, recreate them, will be allowed to join with HIM in the Restored and Recreated New Heaven and Earth. My purpose today is to be a link between all people and our Loving God, demonstrating His love and His desire to take away the pain of a life separated from God. May I introduce you to my best Friend–Jesus?

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