Liberty Institute and the law firm of Parks, Chesin & Walbert have filed a discrimination charge against the Georgia Department of Health with the EEOC on behalf of Dr. Eric Walsh who was denied employment due to his expression of his religious beliefs.  The following press release was issued September 23, 2014 by Liberty Institute. Liberty Institute is a non-denominational organization that bills itself as "the nation's largest legal organization exclusively dedicated to defending religious liberty in America."   The Georgia Department of Health has indicated that it will be responding to the charges shortly.  We will be following the progress of this case as it proceeds.

Press Release – Eric Walsh Liberty Institute

ATLANTA, GA, September 23, 2014-Today, Liberty Institute and Parks, Chesin & Walbert, attorneys for Dr. Eric Walsh, a leading public health expert, who holds both a medical degree and Ph.D. and serves as lay minister with the Seventh Day Adventist Church, filed an official charge of discrimination with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Georgia Department of Health offered Dr. Walsh a job in May, which he accepted, announced his employment publicly, but then top officials laughed about their decision to terminate his position as Director of Public Health for the region of northeast Georgia based upon Dr. Walsh's religious beliefs. Listen to the voicemail here:


"No one should be fired for simply expressing his religious beliefs," said Andrew Coffman, partner in the law firm of Parks, Chesin & Walbert and a Liberty Institute volunteer attorney.  "In America, it is against the law to fire an employee for expressing his religious beliefs-especially when that expression takes place at church.  This kind of religious intolerance by an employer has no place in today's workforce."


Dr. Walsh, among the first of his family to go to college, was eminently qualified to lead the Georgia Department of Health, but has now been effectively blacklisted by the Georgia Department of Health because of religious messages he gave as a lay minister.  According to the Charge of Discrimination filed today with the EEOC, Dr. Walsh was the focus of California activists, dissatisfied with his selection as a speaker at the graduation ceremony for Pasadena City College.  A mean-spirited campaign that intentionally twisted Dr. Walsh's religious beliefs ultimately resulted in his forced resignation as the Director of Public Health for the City of Pasadena.


"This kind of intolerance has no place in today's workforce," stated Jeremy Dys, Senior Counsel for Liberty Institute.   "People of faith ought to be respected at work, not fired for expressing their religious beliefs at church."


A copy of Dr. Walsh's EEOC complaint, the statement in support of his charge of discrimination, and other information, including a picture of Dr. Walsh, is available at
The EEOC will now begin an independent investigation of Dr. Walsh's charges of religious discrimination and retaliation.  Should the EEOC agree that the Georgia Department of Health is guilty of religious discrimination, it may order broad relief, including back pay, front pay, and other significant damages for the unlawful conduct of Dr. Walsh's one-time employer.






  1. Dr. Eric Walsh is certainly qualified for the Director of Public Health position, so I don't see why he was fired for "expressing his religious beliefs." The first amendment in the Bill of Rights clearly says that every citizen has the right to believe in any religion they desire, so why should employers be allowed to fire someone based on their personal religious beliefs. If the national government cannot interfere with these civil liberties, employers should definitely not interfere with them. America uses the system of meritocracy, meaning that those that are qualified are hired. Moreover, Dr. Walsh was not imposing or preaching his religion, so he should not be fired.

    • sarahi says:

      I agree with this. Freedom of religion is a 1st amendment right that all people have in the United States. Dr.Walsh should be able to openly express his religious beliefs, especially because he is a minister, without it affecting his possible working position.

  2. Bryan Flores says:

    It is shocking to see that even in a highly renowned state governmental institute there could be discrimination. Dr. Walsh is qualified to hold that position and there should not be any other factor contributing to his employment. If he is qualified he deserves to hold that position. In accordance with the 1st amendment it is illegal for any type of institution to discriminate against an individual because of their religion. The free exercise clause protects individuals from religious persecution and as such Dr. Walsh has had his rights infringed upon and should be compensated for this injustice.

    • Art says:

      i agree on this statement because i believe it is held in within ones right to believe what they want and should be protected under the 1st amendment.

  3. Art says:

    Dr.Walash is entilted to religious freedom and his expression according to the 1st amendment stated by my fellow student Bryan i believe that this is a protected right and that discrimnation should be unheld based on individual and theier view on religion. Dr.Walsh was in no way preaching or go against other religions and should attain to his job. This is a way of seeing a social injustice to America and to the free exercise clause in protection of religious freedom.

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