Children of the East - by Dr. James Appel

Abraham had two sons – Ishmael and Isaac. Although they appeared locked in conflict from their earliest years, both were children of promise

James Appel, who holds a bachelor's degree in theology from Andrews University and a doctorate in medicine from Loma Linda University recently completed his latest book, Children of the East: The Spiritual Heritage of Islam in the Bible.  Appel, who has spent over seven years operating the Bere Adventist Hospital in a Muslim community in  Chad, proposes that rather than being at perpetual odds, Christians and Muslims can work together.

Appel makes a powerful argument that when the West drifted away from God, the East was there to bring them back, and vice-versa and demonstrates this in the stories of Moses and Jethro, Balaam and Job, Joshua and Caleb, to the wise men at the birth of Jesus to Paul's years in Arabia.  Appel describes the origins of these people in detail and demonstrates that their stories are, in fact, intercultural.

Appel continues his detailed analysis of ancient history all the way through the Reformation. In 1529 AD, the German princes stood up to defend Martin Luther's reform movement, and the Roman Emperor, Charles V, planned to march on Germany with an . However, every time Charles gathered this army together, the Muslim Ottomans would attack Europe from the south and the emperor would be forced to leave Germany to defend the south. In this way, the Reformation Movement survived.

Ultimately, Appel argues that God's ultimate goal is not warfare between Islam and the West, but rather provide reconciliation between the children of the sons of Abraham.

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