Published in Liberty Magazine – November / December 2007

Smart advertisers understand the value of tapping into the celebrity of famous sports and entertainment figures in order to build instant credibility and brand recognition. Athletic gear manufacturer Nike would slip off the radar screen without the purchased endorsement of legendary athletes like Michael Jordan, whose shoes made him fly. Would-be members of Congress solicit the personal endorsement of former presidents and mayors of large cities, and governors seek celebrities who can breathe fresh air into stale initiatives.

But as credible and well-spoken as celebrities can be, there is always the risk that a celebrity will make a mistake that can sink a political career. In spite of what publicists would have you believe, celebrities are human after all and they live under the microscope of a curious society that salivates for the latest scandal.

Given these high stakes, what is a politician to do? He or she can roll the dice with a famous personality, or in the alternative, can take a well-calculated, low-risk leap of faith and claim the endorsement of God, who by most accounts has a spotless record.

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