Ryan Bell, pastor of the Hollywood Seventh-day Adventist Church talks with Michael Peabody about Glenn Becks' recent controversial comments against "social justice Christians" and why Christians should work toward social justice.

Visit http://www.socialjusticechristian.com for more information and to watch the public service announcement for "I'm a Social Justice Christian."



  1. elmyr says:

    Hey, this video would've been more useful during the actual fight over the healthcare bill. Perhaps these pious individuals could have better used their time by actually persuading the vast swaths of Christians in this country who opposed the expansion of healthcare.

    Also, rather than saying simply "I'm a social justice Christian", I think it'd be more constructive to articulate a biblical basis for supporting health care and addressing the opposition's arguments.

  2. Becca says:

    http://www.ChristianVolunteering.org. Don't just say you're a social justice Christian. Do justice! Search by skills, zip code or country :).

  3. Jim says:

    Stalin manipulated the church and I think that this is from their playbook. Social Justice doesn't mean Christian Justice. This is a political agenda for a global goverment. They are just playing to your sense of justice for their political ends.

    They aren't serious about social justice, they would have never kicked the church out of that job. The church used to take care of the poor, but the government saw the financial benefits and put in their own programs and people, social workers etc.

    My question to you is…. Have you learned anything from the bible…. Sin is what we need to eradicate, not hunger and disease. Great, feed the world, but you still have the problem of sin….

    There is nothing stopping well-fed people from launching a nuclear warhead or carrying out cruel acts against their citizens. Sin is the bigger problem, not hunger… Well fed citizens with large bank accounts can still go to Hell.

    The Christian's goal is to get out the gospel to a dying world.

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