June 4, 2010 – Religious leaders in the US and Latin America have denounced Arizona's controversial new immigration law. The law requires police to question people about their immigration status, if officers suspect the person is in the US illegally, and if they have stopped them for a legitimate reason. Archbishop Rafael Romo Munoz, of Tijuana, Mexico, said it was "inhuman".

Bishop John Wester of Salt Lake City, head of the US bishops' committee on migration, warned it could lead to racial profiling and create divisions between the police and immigrant communities.

Archbishop Munoz said the measure would "make it possible to detain someone based on their external appearance".

The criticism came as President Barack Obama, who says the law is misguided, met Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. Mr Obama has made immigration reform a priority, amid pressure from US border states for action to help curb illegal immigration and drug violence.

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  1. Ignacio Arroyo says:

    Arizona did not overstep its boundaries! It has a right to make its own laws without them contradicting the federal laws. Yes this law can Lead to racism but if you are an American citizen then you shouldn't have anything to fear or retaliate against this law because it's just the police enforcing the law. This is just enforcing the law and people shouldn't see it as racism. The federal government has failed and continues to fail on this immigration issue so Arizona decided to take the initiative and do something. This either has to become a centralized issue or decentralized issue so that it can come to a conclusion. If it remains like this then the issue will continue.

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