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Scott Ritsema
January 5, 2008

Pat Robertson, one of those Christian spokesmen that makes Christians cringe every time he opens his mouth, has struck again. At least he's not calling for violence…this time. Strangely, though, this time around he is endorsing Obama and Obama's coming socialist policies. Kurt Nimmo at Infowars reports:

On December 23, the "conservative" preacher Pat Robertson told CNN's Suzanne Malveaux that he was pleased as punch with the election of Barack Obama. "I am remarkably pleased with Obama. I had grave misgivings about him. But so help me, he's come in forcefully, intelligently. He's picked a middle of the road cabinet. And so far, if he continues down this course, he has the makings of a great president," said Robertson.

Yes, Obama's cabinet is so "middle-of-the-road" that Dick Cheney (??!) is pleased with it. Obama's cabinet is anything but middle-of-the-road.

Robertson expects a "great presidency" out of Obama. What will this look like, exactly? Well, Robertson has the inside track, because God supposedly told him the following:

"People will welcome socialism in order to relieve their pain. Nothing will stand in the way of a plan by Obama to restructure the economy in the same fashion as the New Deal in the '30s."

In case the reader is tempted to conclude that God actually spoke to Pat Robertson, consider the last time he made a prediction about the future: Early 2007, when he predicted that there would be massive terrorist attacks before the end of the year. From USA Today:

In what has become an annual tradition of prognostications, religious broadcaster Pat Robertson said Tuesday God has told him that a terrorist attack on the United States would result in "mass killing" late in 2007.

"I'm not necessarily saying it's going to be nuclear," he said during his news-and-talk television show "The 700 Club" on the Christian Broadcasting Network. "The Lord didn't say nuclear. But I do believe it will be something like that."

Robertson said God told him during a recent prayer retreat that major cities and possibly millions of people will be affected by the attack, which should take place sometime after September.

For Robertson to turn on his conservative roots and to endorse Obama and socialism is not surprising, given the fact that he has joined hands with the left-leaning Al Sharpton in a commercial endorsing the mainstream media's view of the "climate crisis." "We can solve" this "climate crisis," the commercial states. Robertson tells us that "it's the right thing to do."

Additionally, in 2001, Pat Robertson defended China's one-child policy where forced abortions and infanticide run rampant. According to Pat, the Communist government is "doing what it has to do."

Endorsing Obama and his socialist policies. Calling for "solving the climate crisis." Defending China's one-child policy. Is this a Christian conservative?



  1. E Adams says:

    I saw Robertson's interview. I thought he sounded quite sensible which was sort of a surprise. I don't think Robertson is a fan of socialism.

  2. E Adams says:

    I saw Robertson's interview. I thought he sounded quite sensible which was sort of a surprise. I don't think Robertson is a fan of socialism.

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