A symposium on conscientious objection was held in Oshawa, Ontario from November 6-9. Jeff Crocombe attended and wrote a report on the Spectrum Magazine blog.

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The Symposium began on Thursday evening with presentations from Barry Bussey and Lincoln Steed (Editor – Liberty Magazine). On Friday, presenters included Ronald Lawson (Queens College – The City University of New York) who reviewed the history of Adventism and Military Service from both a sociological & historical perspective. Ron utilized Church/Sect theory to explain the reasons behind the changing of SDA attitudes toward military service, noting that we began as a sect-in high tension with society-but have moved towards a denomination & as such have sought to minimize tensions with society. Thus the SDA Church's changing attitudes toward military service are essentially one result arising from this desire for acceptance & "mainstreamization". Ron pointed out that current estimates of soldiers with a SDA background who serve in the US armed forces (as combatants carrying arms) are around 15,000-a far cry from our pacifist stance during the American Civil war! It was great to finally meet Ron, a fellow Australian, Queenslander, & alumnus of the University of Queensland; I have read his articles and utilized them in my research & teaching.

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