bathroom wars


The war over who gets to use which public restroom has become a major topic of debate in recent months. James Standish, an American lawyer currently living in Australia and the former executive director of the US Commission on Freedom of Religion or Belief, recently proposed a common-sense solution in an article in the Washington Examiner.



Constitution Ave., Washington, D.C. Does a better address exist? When our children were little, our small townhouse tucked on the modest end of this glorious avenue was just perfect. After all, the world's greatest museum complex was very literally just down the street.

On Sundays I put my oldest daughter in her bike seat, and off we peddled to the museum of her choosing. We called our Sunday outings our "adventures." It was terrific in everyway.

Except in one: Toilets.

Read the full article:  Take the third door in the 'bathroom wars' | Washington Examiner – (5/3/2016)


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