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I's on Edjukashun – Texas School Board
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The Texas State Board of Education has voted to radically alter textbook lessons for future generations, removing from curricula separation of church and state and references to Thomas Jefferson. In response, Stephen Colbert had textbook author and Columbia professor Eric Foner on his show Tuesday night to talk textbooks and "to answer for his liberal crimes."



  1. Alison Agins says:


    Look for Texas to come up with the idea that Several Muslim countries have. The Moral Police.

  2. BC says:

    The Texas SBOE most certainly did not get rid of Thomas Jefferson. Please, don't report based on sound bites from tertiary sources. Go to the Texas SBOE webpage and read for yourself. Jefferson's name was simply removed from a list of "enlightenment philosophers." Big difference. Now, I have some concerns about some things the SBOE has proposed–and I'm very supportive of other things. But the discussion can only proceed on the basis of sound reporting of fact.

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