Fox News is reporting that 24 hours after she was released from prison, Miriam Ibrahim, the 27-year-old Christian woman who had been arrested and sentenced to death for refusing to convert to Islam, has now been re-arrested.

An Islamic court of apostasy had convicted her for refusing to embrace Islam and for committing adultery by marrying her Christian husband, Daniel Wani, who holds dual U.S.-Sudanese citizenship, in 2011.  While in prison, Ibrahim gave birth to a daughter and was confined in the cell along with the couple's two-year-old son.

The family was in the process of boarding a flight at Khartoum when, according to news sources, around 40 Sudanese security agents detained the family and took them into custody.

In Sudan it is a crime punishable by death for Muslims to convert to other religions.

We will continue to watch the developments of this breaking story.



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