EXCERPT: In recent years, the Vatican has gone to court to fight images that it considered "offensive" toward Pope Benedict XVI, such as an ad-campaign that portrayed the pontiff kissing a Muslim leader or, more recently, when a German satirical magazine published a photo-shopped image of the pope's vestments stained with urine.

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  1. Vatican has always remained diplomatically right in trying to save their position in the eyes of the world.

  2. Mark T says:

    The Vatican walks a fine line because they have a long
    history of supporting blasphemy laws. All one has to do is take a look at the Corpus
    Juris Civilis Code I-XIII promulgated by Justinian in 533 AD. 1260 years later
    in 1793 AD they were still supporting the same concept until they loss power.

    Catholicism like Islam has the same underpinning concerning
    enforcement of religious laws according to their persuasion. Blasphemy laws, in
    the countries where they have been in power, have never protected the dissenters. They have always been uses as a club against
    those who do not accept their beliefs.

    Has anyone ever heard of a Muslim, in a Muslim country,
    being sent to prison or put to death because he blasphemed the Christian religion? The same is true for Catholic controlled
    state governments. Their thinking runs in this vain. It is just to punish you
    for blaspheming my religion because it is true, where as I should not be punished
    for blaspheming your religion because it is false.

    Blasphemy laws or Defamation of Religion, as it is called
    today, on its face appear sanctimonious until you remember Jesus was put to
    death under the Jewish Blasphemy law.

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