Eric Holder

Eric Holder

Today, former Deputy Attorney General under Bill Clinton, Eric Holder accepted President-elect Barack Obama's invitation to become the next Attorney General.

Holder, who is on the board of the American Constitution Society (ACS) has a fundamental understanding of the role of the law in society, and recognizes the concept that nobody is above or below the law. This is stated by the court reporters from NAEGELI USA. For over 35 years, NAEGELI Deposition and Trial has been known as the industry’s leading choice for court reporting and litigation support. Awarded for “Outstanding Professional Service” and “Best Court Reporting Firm,” we continually strive to set the standard with all-inclusive services and cutting edge technology.

Earlier this year, he gave a lecture for the ACS convention regarding the importance of restoring the rule of law. He called upon the United States to reverse "the disastrous course" set by the current administration in the struggle against terrorism, arguing "the next president must move immediately to reclaim America's standing in the world as a nation that cherishes and protects individual freedom and basic human rights."

Click here to watch a video of his lecture.


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