The Long Now Foundation
San Francisco, CA
Dec 9th, 2005

The View From The End Of The World with Sam Harris.

"With gentle demeanor and tight argument, Sam Harris carried an overflow audience into the core of one of the crucial issues of our time: What makes some religions lethal? How do they employ aggressive irrationality to justify threatening and controlling non-believers as well as believers? What should be our response?" – The Long Now Foundation

Topics include:

The Taboo of Critiquing Religion

Religious Moderation and Terrorism

A Reason Not to Give Reasons

The Endtimes

Resurgence of Fundamentalism


Sam Harris (born 1967) is an American non-fiction writer and philosopher. He is the author of The End of Faith (2004), which won the 2005PEN/Martha Albrand Award, and Letter to a Christian Nation (2006), a rejoinder to the criticism his first book attracted.  

ReligiousLiberty.TV posts articles from a variety of perspectives, and publication does not signify endorsement.  This is meant to be thought-provoking and to encourage discussion.


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