Washington State Bill to Unionize Child Care Centers Dies in Committee

We have good news from the State of Washington. You may have read our last newsletter about the bill that labor unions were trying to pass that would unionize private child care centers, and including faith-based preschools, and categorize their workers as government employees for purposes of union due, so long as they accepted children who received government subsidies in order to attend.

Labor unions recently passed similar legislation in Michigan where day care providers were surprised to find union dues missing from their paychecks.

Thanks to the good work of Greg Hamilton, the President of the Northwest Religious Liberty Association and RLTV advisory board member and others who leapt into action against this bill which could have ushered in a state takeover of religious child care centers, the  bill is dead this session.

This is the latest in a series of union efforts to force themselves into non-union workplaces by any means necessary. The Washington bill was a stealthy attack, and Greg worked many high density hours to bring this law to its knees and defeat the unions. The unions were surprised by their defeat in this bill, since they full expected to take control in state day care centers like they had done in other states, and we will be watching to see if they try to sneak the bill in another way, or to write similar legislation next year.

As labor unions continue to lose influence in other sectors of the economy due to a combination of decreased domestic manufacturing and state labor laws that already achieve many of their goals, we can expect them to continue to attempt to insert themselves in industries where they have not been invited through traditional means.

(For more information visit the Northwest Religious Liberty Association at http://www.nrla.com)


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