Dr. C. Norman Farley

We are pleased to welcome Dr. C. Norman Farley to our advisory panel. Dr. Farley is a retired Seventh-day Adventist pastor. A graduate of the University of Southern Maine in Portland, ME, Atlantic Union College in So. Lancaster, MA, Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI, he received a doctoral degree from the California Graduate School of Theology in Glendale, CA. His interest in Religious Liberty and Freedom of Conscience dates back to his Business/Pre-Law education at the University of Maine. Norman is listed in Who’s Who in California, Who’s Who in Religion, The Dictionary of International Biography and Community Leaders in America and The International Book of Honor. He is particularly interested in the Constitution including the Bill of Rights and its formation based on John Locke’s concept of “Natural Rights."

More recently Dr. Farley served as the President of North American Religious Liberty Association West  (NARLA West), a ministry associated with the Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, and while there he founded and implemented Freedom Classroom, a program designed to introduce high school students to the concepts of religious liberty first hand as they toured Washington, DC and met with the leadership from a variety of advocacy organizations. (To learn more about Freedom Classroom, check out Liberty Magazine's article on the innovative program. )

Describing Freedom Classroom, Dr. Farley wrote, "Our purpose is to implement this middle-centrist framework by helping students to embrace the concept that the direct outcome of the Gospel is freedom of conscience. Our goal is to help students look through the long lens of history and discover that Christians never engage in coercion to fulfill the mission of Christ."  Dr. Farley continued, "History is crowded with those who have sought to enforce the gospel through coercion. Those who resort to such tactics have worked for God like the devil!  Freedom of conscience, religion and the maintenance of individual rights is the high ground needed to restore bi-partisan efforts at all levels of society which includes the church.  Freedom exercised within a pluralistic community recognizes and respects conscientious convictions. It is this framework that gives our nation its strength and its unity under God!"

We are looking forward to hearing more from Dr. Farley as he joins our team. Dr. Farley is also available to speak at churches and civic organizations.

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  1. Concerned friend says:

    I have heard Dr. Farley speak of religious liberty several times and have always been impressed by his grasp of the subject and ability to communicate the complex themes of liberty so clearly. I am so glad he will be working with you. Blessings!

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