White Horse Media director Steve Wohlberg spoke this past weekend about the ramifications churches may face when they surrender their right to choose to meet or not during the pandemic.  The Corona Virus has devastated people all over the world – economics, businesses, incomes, and churches.  He noted predictions that “one in five churches that have closed may never re-open, and there are a lot of people who are looking at these events and have concluded that what we are experiencing with the pandemic, and concluded that the use of state power to close congregations may be a ‘dry run'” for further erosion of liberty.



  1. Kevin James says:

    I can appreciate the concern, but the conclusion is not likely to happen. It isn’t a dry run. This closing for the pandemic isn’t even targeting religion. Disappointed he would go there.

    • Kevin, you misunderstood my comment. The dry run is the devil’s doing, not the left. Just like the attack on marriage (a sixth day issue) is a dry run for the upcoming battle over the 7th day. Steve

    • “The conclusion” of Revelation 13:16,17 will happen. It’s the mark of the beast. Satan is probably using this crisis as a dry run preparatory to his final assault on religious liberty when the mark is enforced. This is what many of us are thinking.