LOS ANGELES, CA – While most legal writing competitions ask participants to pick a side, Founders First Freedom is asking for much more in its inaugural law student writing competition.  Participating students will review pleadings and amicus briefs in a case currently before the United States Supreme Court, Trinity Lutheran Church v. Pauley, and write model majority decisions that weigh both sides and reach “persuasive” conclusions. The first place entrant will receive $1500 and the second place entrant will receive $750.

“The Court decided to hear the case in January 2016 and has yet to set a date for oral argument,” says Michael Peabody, president of the non-profit organization. “The pleadings are in, the briefs are in, and all we’re waiting for is the Court to hold oral arguments and make a decision. This unusual pause provides a great opportunity for students to conduct in-depth research on the religion clauses and the history of the Blaine Amendment and contribute some timely scholarship on the issue before the Court renders its decision.”

The June 23, 2017 competition deadline is expected to fall before the Court reaches a decision, and the decision about the winner will be made on or before August 25, 2017.  In the unlikely event that the Court issues a ruling on the case before the competition is judged, the Court’s decision will not affect the outcome of the competition.

The competition is available to law students attending school in the United States.  For full requirements and to register, visit Founders First Freedom at http://foundersfirstfreedom.org/announcing-the-2017-law-student-writing-competition/

Founders First Freedom is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to promote quality education and scholarship in matters involving the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.


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