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AUDIO: Karen Scott – "Rethinking the Premise of Religious Liberty"

Each year, the Walla Walla University Church in College Place, Washington celebrates religious liberty. On February 28, 2009, Karen Scott delivered an address entitled, "Rethinking the Premise of Religious Liberty."


Obama makes plans to remove 'conscience clause' for health-care workers

The Catholic Culture blog has posted a link to a set of articles about Obama's plans to rescind the "conscience clause" that protects health-care personnel from pressure to participate in procedures they regard as immoral, such as abortion.


VIDEO: California Supreme Court Oral Arguments on Prop 8

Watch the March 5, 2009 proceedings and read the briefs on both sides of this contentious issue.


Senator – Conservative and Christian broadcasters could still be threatened by proposed broadcast regulations (KIITV)

In a floor speech, Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe noted that while the Senate voted last week against reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine, it approved another amendment saying federal regulators should promote diversity in media ownership and ensure that broadcasters operate in the public interest.


Religious Persecution on the Horn of Africa (American Spectator)

Somalia continues to implode, as Islamists gain increasing control over what remains of the impoverished, conflict-ridden nation. But it is not the only human tragedy in the region. Eritrea, which won its independence from Ethiopia in 1993 after decades of war, has earned a reputation as one of the world's youngest tyrannies. It also is one of the world's worst religious persecutors.


Emotion, misunderstanding mark religion-in-school cases (The Tennessean)

Most people have a mistaken understanding of what the First Amendment means, says Charles Haynes, a senior scholar at the First Amendment Center.

"People tend to carry around two failed models in their head," Haynes said. "Either we keep religion entirely out of public schools or we keep on doing what we used to do in the good old days and promote religion in school."

Because of those failed models, schools end up making poor decisions when it comes to religion.