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BREAKING NEWS – Russia Moves to Liquidate Fifty-Six Religious Groups

BREAKING NEWS – Russia Moves to Liquidate Fifty-Six Religious Groups

By Derek H. Davis – On October 15 the Russian Ministry of Justice took steps to begin liquidating 56 non-Russian Orthodox religious organizations. The groups face dissolution, Russian news sources reported, because they failed to file required annual reports on their activities. Those targeted include a range of non-Russian Orthodox organizations and churches but hardest hit were various Christian groups, both Protestant and Catholic. Baptist groups were prominent on the list, but Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Seventh-day Adventist and Pentecostal groups were also included. Well known humanitarian groups such as World Vision and Youth with a Mission were also named, as was the Russian branch of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Non-Christian organizations were also named, including Muslim and Buddhist associations.


UPDATE – Troy Anthony Davis Execution Stayed a Third Time Yesterday (New York Times)

A federal appeals court on Friday, October 4, halted the execution of a Georgia inmate convicted in the 1989 killing of a police officer, the third time in 16 months that a stay of execution has been ordered in the case.


Polygamy central issue in Utah Attorney General race

Polygamy central issue in Utah Attorney General race

For Hill's part, she said polygamists would never have to fear being prosecuted for their religion. She contends that the state's bigamy statute is unconstitutional in the wake of the 2003 Supreme Court ruling Lawrence v. Texas.


Saudi King – World facing covert economic war (

World leaders vowed Saturday in Beijing to overhaul the global financial system in the face of recession fears.


Sarah Palin's Interview on Faith (CBN)

Sarah Palin discusses her faith in an interview with the 700 Club.


ReligiousLiberty.TV Endorses California Proposition . . .

Discusses support of a California Ballot Proposition.


Taliban say they killed aid worker for spreading Christianity (AP/Reuters)

The woman, a British citizen, worked with handicapped Afghans and was killed in the western part of Kabul as she was walking to work around 8 a.m., the police said. Najib Samsoor, a district police chief, originally said the woman was from South Africa, but the British government later said she was British.


Washington State – Faith-based groups taking crucial role in Euthanasia initiative battle

Faith-based groups or individuals are playing a crucial role on
both sides of the battle to make Washington the second state, after
Oregon, to allow physicians to legally prescribe deadly medication —
hardly surprising, since the issue deals with literal matters of life
and death.


Disputes over religion and health care land in Calif. courts (

Dr. Catherine Kim of Simi Valley, Calif. can't do it. Her practice as an obstetrician-gynecologist is based on medical science. But her convictions as a born-again Christian sculpt every aspect of her life, from the Bible stories she reads to her kids before bedtime to the prayers she offers people who visit her office.


Freedom Experts Criticize UN Anti-Blasphemy Resolution (

Religious freedom experts criticized this week a United Nations anti-blasphemy resolution for most likely hindering Christian evangelism and spreading Sharia law.