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Embracing Exclusivity: How civic religion at inauguration abridges religious freedom

By Michael Newdow – EXCERPT: "Two months ago, when the American people chose Barack Obama to serve in the highest office in the land, it seemed that Homer Plessy's dream had finally been realized. America, we thought then, truly stands for the justice and equality guaranteed in its Constitution. Yet, in a few days, as our new president steps up to the inaugural podium, the reality will be that government-sanctioned favoritism – now for religion, instead of race – will continue."


The First Baptist in America (Florida Baptist Witness)

The earliest Baptists in America stemmed from a group of like-minded individuals who surrounded Roger Williams. It was on Feb. 5, 1631, that Roger Williams (1603-1683) and his wife sailed from Bristol on the ship Lyon and landed at Nantasket, in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.