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RLTV PODCAST: Jason Hines on The Church, Same-Sex Marriage, and Public Policy

Michael Peabody interviews Jason Hines, attorney and Andrews University seminary student, about the topic of same-sex marriage and why religious groups need to be careful to protect liberty of conscience in their advocacy on this issue.


UN condemns Gaddafi jihad call

EXCERPT from Al Jazeera English (link below): The United Nations and European Union have condemned a call from Libya's leader for Muslims to carry out jihad against Switzerland over a recent vote to ban the construction of minarets in the European country. Gaddafi said: "Any Muslim around the world who has dealings with Switzerland is an infidel [and is] against Islam, […]


Oregon Legislature Ends Ban on Teachers Wearing Religious Dress – Goes to Governor for Signature

EXCERPT from (link below): Oregon's longstanding ban on teachers wearing head scarves or other religious dress is near its demise after the Senate and House gave final approval Tuesday to lift the ban. Champions in the Senate called ending the ban a historic step toward religious freedom and non-discrimination in a state that has performed poorly in those arenas […]


Washington House of Representatives Attempts to Facilitate Union Take-Over of Religious Child Care Centers

Washington House of Representatives Attempts to Facilitate Union Take-Over of Religious Child Care Centers

By Michael D. Peabody – So what's the biggest threat to religious liberty? According to J. Brent Walker, executive director of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty, the answer is found in the strings attached to government funding of religious activity. Earlier this month, during a speech for the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, Walker said, “What the government funds, it always regulates. Government-sponsored religion is always bad for religion. How can we raise a prophetic fist with one hand and take government money with the other?”

The truth of Walker's statement was underscored just last week when the Washington State House of Representatives passed HB 1329, now working its way through the state Senate, that cleared the way for unionization of private and most non-profit child care centers if they take government subsidies for as little as one child, and even declares the centers' employees “government employees” for the purposes of unionization.


HISTORY: Nine Children Face an Angry Town (Adventist Review)

EXCERPT: I'M DRIVING HOME ONE DAY LAST SEPTEMBER with a major assignment on my mind-a formal presentation at an October conference in observance of the fiftieth anniversary of what some have called the most controversial book in Adventism: Questions on Doctrine. My radio is tuned to CSPAN, and on comes a live report of the fiftieth anniversary commemoration of one […]


Obama speaks up for Tibetans, but in a hushed voice (India Times) EXCERPT: WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama met with the Dalai Lama to express his "strong support" for human rights and religious freedom for the people of Tibet while encouraging a direct dialogue with China. Mr Obama "commended the Dalai Lama's Middle Way' approach, his commitment to non-violence and his pursuit of dialogue with the Chinesegovernment during an hour-long meeting in the […]


God's Counterterrorism in a '24' World

God's Counterterrorism in a '24' World from Ryan Bell on Vimeo. Ryan Bell, the pastor Hollywood Seventh-day Adventist Church, gave this presentation at La Sierra University on January 28, 2010.


RLTV PODCAST: Monte Sahlin on How to Help Haiti

Monte Sahlin is the director of Research and Development of the Ohio Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and is an expert international humanitarian aid.  In this podcast he discusses the Haiti Earthquake and the response of a church group from Idaho that tried to help but got in trouble. He discussed Haiti  and other current issues on his blog at […]


Oregon House Votes to Repeal Ban on Teachers Wearing Religious Dress

By an overwhelming majority, the Oregon House of Representatives has voted 51-8 to repeal a Klan-era ban on teachers wearing religious dress in the classroom.  The law, originally an anti-Catholic measure, was implemented with the support of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s. It bans Muslim public school teachers from wearing headscarves, Sikh men from wearing Turbans, and Jewish […]


The European Attack on Religious Liberty

While they have been easy to miss, the news has been peppered recently with stories of serious threats to religious liberty not in the developing world, war-torn regions in the Middle East, or third-world countries struck by natural disasters, but in Europe, our own geopolitical backyard.