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How will a Brexit impact religious freedom in Britain?

London Victoria Tower stands at the House of Lords end of the Palace of Westminster.

By James Standish, JD, MBA – Today, there are those arguing that a Brexit will negatively impact Britain’s dedication to religious freedom. As we shall see, however, a Brexit is, on balance, more likely to protect Britain’s liberal attitude towards religious minorities than to harm it.


International Report: Human Rights at Risk in Australian Internment Camp

Conditions in immigration detention facility on Manus - Photocredit: Flickr/Greens MP

Today Australia faces a moral question for our age. This time it isn't desperate European Jews searching for a sanctuary, it is desperate Iranians fleeing one of the world's most repressive regimes. It is Iraqi Christians who have been murdered, bombed and beaten unmercifully since the invasion that we were a part of. It is shell-shocked Syrians caught between a despotic ruler on one side and jihadists on the other.