Church and State

VIDEO: Palin linked political success to prayer of Kenyan witch hunter

According to accounts of the witchhunt circulated on evangelical websites such as Prayer Links Ministries, after Pastor Muthee declared Mama Jane a witch, the townspeople became suspicious and began to turn on her, demanding that she be stoned. Public outrage eventually led the police to raid her home, where they fired gunshots, killing a pet python which they believed to be a demon.


The Politics of Obama's Faith and the Evangelical Left – Stephen Manfield

According to Stephen Mansfield, the author of this book, Barack is "raising the banner of what he hopes will be the faith-based politics of a new generation . . . and he will carry that banner to whatever heights of power his God and the American people allow."


Martin Sheen on Church / State Separation

Television president, Martin Sheen, narrates this video, produced by People For the American Way, about the history of separation of church & state and efforts by the Religious Right to undermine it. It was produced some years back.


VIDEO: VP Candidate Joe Biden on Religion, Government, and the Presidency (Fora.TV)

Recorded in May 2007, Delaware Senator and Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden discusses the role of religion in American society, and gives his thoughts on the separation between church and state.


INTERVIEW: Barry Lynn – Why Churches Should Stay out of Politics (

INTERVIEW: Barry Lynn – Why Churches Should Stay out of Politics (

Spectrum Magazine has just interviewed Barry Lynn, the executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. Lynn is an attorney, activist, and ordained minister in the United Church of Christ.


OPINION: O'Connor's 4th Circuit Ruling on City Council Prayer

On Wednesday, July 23, 2008,  in Turner v. City Council of Fredericksburg, (4th Cir., July 23, 2008), the U.S. 4th Circuit Court of appeals upheld the policy of Fredericksburg, Virginia's city council requiring prayers which open its sessions to be non-denominational. In an opinion by former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, sitting by designation on the case, the court held […]


Namibia: Divine Right and 'Moron' (

This is a fascinating article about the relationship between church and state in Namibia. EXCERPTS: Churches were major driving forces in getting Namibia's independence on the formal international agenda through resistive courage, a record that worldwide is, unfortunately, neither consistent nor unblemished; they do support the wrong side sometimes! But in Namibia's case they did well and the political […]


Prof. Daniel Crane – "A Judeo-Christian Argument for Privatizing Marriage" (Cardozo Law Review)

In this law review article, Cardozo Law School professor Daniel Crane argues that marriage has traditionally been in the province of faith, not of the state, and that this should be taken into consideration when evaluating proposed marriage amendments. The full article is available in PDF format at Here is a brief excerpt (citations available at the link): Opponents […]


John Stevens responds to Prof. Daniel Crane's article on privatizing marriage

John V. Stevens, Sr., an experienced religious liberty advocate, responds to Professor Crane's article "A Judeo-Christian Argument for Privatizing Marriage" from his perspective as a Seventh-day Adventist.  He has provided his kind permission to reproduce it here.  I hope that this can be a springboard for discussion on this important issue facing all Americans regardless of religious affiliation. Editor Thank […]


VIDEO CLIP: Compulsion in religion and the freedom to disbelieve

Dr. Ravi Zacharias speaks out in support of religious freedom and against attempts to create theocracy.  He also tells a couple of very interesting stories about religious freedom in other countries.  It was recorded at a recent event at the Atlanta Civic Center and you might also recognize the event MC.  Ravi Zacharias answers a tough question about religious freedom- […]