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Huckabee and Colson on the Manhattan Declaration

Mike Huckabee talks to Chuck Colson about the significance of the Manhattan Declaration, which Huckabee claims could be the equivalent of the 49 Theses posted by Martin Luther, which is an official document composed by a group of Evangelical, Catholic, and Orthodox leaders who are uniting against causes such as abortion, same-sex marriage and their definition of "religious liberty," among other […]


Germany: Rigid Sunday law used against Scientology which is considered "business" by gov't. (Der Spiegel)

GERMANY – Scientologists have had a particularly difficult time in Europe where many view them as a nuisance for their recruiting activities.  When they opened a new 43,000 square foot facility near Berlin, the locals complained. However, the city found a loophole based on a 1995 Federal Labor Court ruling that found that Scientology is "neither a religion nor an ideology" and is therefore a […]