Fear, Incorporated: Who's Paying for all that Islamophobic Paranoia (FP)

EXCERPT: One of the distinctive features of American democracy is the permeability of our political institutions. It's an incredibly wide-open system, given First Amendment freedoms, the flood of money that corrupts the electoral process, and a wide array of media organizations and political journals that can be used to disseminate and amplify various views, even when they have no basis […]


Herbert E. Douglass – Red Alert: Hurtling Into Eternity (Book Excerpt)

Herbert E. Douglass – Red Alert: Hurtling Into Eternity (Book Excerpt)

In his new book, Red Alert: Hurtling Into Eternity, Dr. Herbert E. Douglass connects Bible prophecy with current headlines – increasing natural disasters; appearances of the Virgin Mary; wars and rumors of wars.  Prophecies are being fulfilled all around us, reinforcing the belief that time is short, this book will also be available in an audio book form, just choose […]


Buying Power: Human Trafficking and the Local Marketplace

Buying Power: Human Trafficking and the Local Marketplace

I'm not willing to pick cocoa beans or cotton for a dollar a day, so who is? Trafficked boys on the Ivory Coast and factory children in Asia whose fingers are small enough to work intricate and dangerous machines fill this gap. – One of the biggest reminders and strongest points I repeat daily is that I have done nothing to secure the position I have in life of being in a free country, just like these modern day slaves have done nothing to have their entire lives indebted to us because of the harsh demands we put on them with our high consumerist behavior. These socially conscious products contain more than just a new age aura or a better selling point; they represent a desire for the priority of humanity instead of selfish search for profit.


Church, State, and the Postal Service: The Contentious History of Sunday Mail Delivery

Church, State, and the Postal Service: The Contentious History of Sunday Mail Delivery

Between its inception in 1775 and 1912, postal employees delivered mail seven (7) days a week. In the early 1800s, religious leaders became concerned that employees were forced to work on the "Christian Sabbath," or Sunday, and began to petition Congress to use its Article I powers to disallow Sunday delivery. This concern reached a fevered pitch in 1810 when Congress required post offices to open at least one hour on Sunday. Outraged that Congress had thus enforced Sunday desecration, religious leaders began to clamor for legislation that would outlaw Sunday operations.


Charity: How Our Tax Laws Affect Charitable Activities, Religious Institutions, and Free Speech

The architects of our nation took great care to constitute a limited government founded on personal responsibility and individual liberty. The institution of the church has an absolute freedom from the state. But when it comes to the financial side of the case, government has an economic lever over religious institutions. Do our internal revenue laws promote or undermine these […]


The End of the Community Action Program?

By Monte Sahlin – One of the items on the hit list of the new majority in the House of Representatives to "balance the budget" is the Community Action Program (CAP) or what is currently labeled Community Service Block Grants. This is a program begun in the 1960s in the Lyndon Johnson administration. It is a nearly unique program in […]


ANALYSIS: Deflationary Depression and Purging To Come (The International Forecaster)

Read the full article: EXCERPT: It was a year and one-half ago we told you that $800 billion in stimulus wasn't enough. That is now proving to be the case. Get ready for another liquidity barrage, called quantitative easing. It will also mean real interest rates will rise again. The backbone of most all nations of the world is […]


The Winter Olympics and Inequality in Global Athletics

In high school, the only sports I played to any significant extent were soccer and basketball. A lot of my friends went snowboarding or skiing, but it was a long drive to the mountains and I could not really afford all the equipment, which cost hundreds of dollars. So I never spent much time on the slopes. However, I have […]


China and a Canadian Newspaper call for worldwide one-child policy

This comes from the left end of the political spectrum and presents what may simply be rhetorical posturing, or a harbinger of the next big issue.  Aside from a one-child policy we can expect it to trickle into areas having to do with euthanasia, health care, etc.  China has recently been calling for an international one-child policy as an answer […]


The Manhattan Declaration: Approach with Caution

We have no reason to doubt that those who drafted and are signing the Declaration are sincere and trying to do what they believe is best for America. There are many good reasons why it may seem a good idea, but we should raise a voice of caution regarding the unintended consequences of this approach. Christians tempted to set aside theological differences, which include differences in how grace and salvation are viewed so significant that they led to the battles of the Reformation and Inquisition, and unite on points held in common in order to change society should recall the unholy results of such unions. From a Christian perspective, government and even church edicts cannot change hearts, only God can.