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Americans Fear Religion is Losing Influence in U.S. Pew Study Finds

Americans Fear Religion is Losing Influence in U.S. Pew Study Finds

Accord­ing to a sur­vey released Sep­tem­ber 22, 2014 by Pew Research Cen­ter, 72% of Amer­i­cans think that reli­gion is los­ing its influ­ence on Amer­i­can soci­ety while only 22% believe that it is increas­ing its influ­ence. Of these, 56% believe that this loss of influ­ence is a “bad thing.” Of the 22% who believe that reli­gion is gain­ing influ­ence, 12% say that it is a “good thing” while 10% say that it is not.


A Faithful Nation (Liberty Magazine)

A Faithful Nation  (Liberty Magazine)

  A Faith­ful Nation By Michael D. Peabody Lib­erty Mag­a­zine EXCERPT: Just because Chris­tians believe some­thing does not mean that the gov­ern­ment needs to make a law to enforce that belief. To put it bluntly, in Amer­ica it is legal to believe things that could com­pro­mise your own eter­nal sal­va­tion. The state will not stand in the way of incor­rect theology. […]


Principled Freedom: Religious Liberty Plays Musical Chairs

Principled Freedom: Religious Liberty Plays Musical Chairs

By Nicholas P. Miller — It is time to exam­ine a posi­tion that pro­vides a prin­ci­pled free­dom, both reli­gious and civil, the pos­si­bil­ity of a pub­lic moral­ity, and a com­mon lan­guage with which to dis­cuss and debate the issues. he recent pres­i­den­tial cam­paign has bro­ken out into a dis­ori­ent­ing game of reli­gious lib­erty musi­cal chairs; Catholic bish­ops assert the impor­tance of reli­gious lib­erty like old-fashioned Protestants, […]


Burden of Proof: Why Most American Evangelicals Reject Long-Earth Evolution

Burden of Proof: Why Most American Evangelicals Reject Long-Earth Evolution

Within the larger con­text of Amer­i­can Protes­tant Chris­tian­ity the debate con­tin­ues with­out res­o­lu­tion. Among Chris­tians, cre­ation­ists are often asked to con­sider var­i­ous forms of evi­dence of a long-history of the earth, but those advo­cat­ing for a long-earth have largely ignored dis­cus­sion of the genealo­gies of the New Tes­ta­ment and the con­cepts of orig­i­nal sin and sal­va­tion. Chris­t­ian evo­lu­tion­ists have failed to pro­vide a verse-by-verse rebut­tal to the Bib­li­cal Cre­ation nar­ra­tive or to acknowl­edge the extent to which accep­tance of cre­ation would impact theology.

Instead the­is­tic evo­lu­tion­ists oper­ate on the sup­po­si­tion that Cre­ation­ists will even­tu­ally bifur­cate their reli­gious beliefs from sci­en­tific under­stand­ing, because incom­pat­i­bil­i­ties must be resolved in favor of sci­ence. This places faith directly in con­flict with sci­ence and any resul­tant bat­tle on these issues will take cen­turies if true aca­d­e­mic free­dom is to be granted, but can resolve faster if the voices of reli­gious dis­sent are silenced and those who have openly crit­i­cized evo­lu­tion are denied a seat at the aca­d­e­mic table.

The attempt to “purify” acad­e­mia by silenc­ing the voices of crit­ics such as Dr. Car­son would be the first step toward a sec­u­lar Dark Ages. So far, it appears that


Is Santorum Right? How to Revive American Protestantism (and Why It is So Important)

Is Santorum Right?  How to Revive American Protestantism (and Why It is So Important)

By Michael D. Peabody Protes­tantism has indeed fallen on hard times as many Amer­i­can church­go­ers have grown tired of the­ol­ogy and moral stan­dards that are as wishy-washy as pop cul­ture and look for churches that empha­size a clear moral stan­dard and upright liv­ing. And it is true that no church has pro­duced as mono­lithic a struc­ture along these lines as the Roman […]


Southern Mexico’s religious liberty forum spotlights local challenges to freedom of belief

Although they gar­ner lit­tle atten­tion from the inter­na­tional com­mu­nity, recent cases of vio­lence directed toward Protes­tants in the region, among them Adven­tists, inten­sify the need to pro­tect the region’s ten­u­ous reli­gious liberty.


Michael Newdow — Question to Justice Scalia: Does the Establishment Clause Permit the Disregard of Devout Catholics?

Dr. Michael New­dow, an attor­ney and physi­cian famous for his lit­i­ga­tion on church-state issues from an athe­ist per­spec­tive, and and pre­vi­ous arti­cle con­trib­u­tor to Reli​gious​Lib​erty​.TV, has now pub­lished an impor­tant law review arti­cle for the Cap­i­tal Uni­ver­sity Law Review that dis­cusses the his­tory of Amer­i­can reli­gious free­dom and tol­er­ance and why the major­ity should care­fully con­sider the rights of the minor­ity.  Although […]


VIDEO: God in China — The Struggle for Religious Freedom

In this hour-long doc­u­men­tary, pro­duced for Italy’s RomeRe­ports News Agency, Chi­nese men and women speak can­didly of their expe­ri­ences as reli­gious believ­ers, and their assess­ment of what the future may hold for them. The film presents inter­views with rep­re­sen­ta­tives of both offi­cial and under­ground reli­gions, shows priests and sem­i­nar­i­ans prac­tic­ing their faith in secret, and offers a rare glimpse into China’s Mus­lim community.