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A Faithful Nation  (Liberty Magazine)

A Faithful Nation (Liberty Magazine)

  A Faithful Nation By Michael D. Peabody Liberty Magazine EXCERPT: Just because Christians believe something does not mean that the government needs to make a law to enforce that belief. To put it bluntly, in America it is legal to believe things that could compromise your own eternal salvation. The state will not stand in the way of incorrect theology. […]

by · July 9, 2012 ·
Principled Freedom: Religious Liberty Plays Musical Chairs

Principled Freedom: Religious Liberty Plays Musical Chairs

By Nicholas P. Miller — It is time to examine a position that provides a principled freedom, both religious and civil, the possibility of a public morality, and a common language with which to discuss and debate the issues. he recent presidential campaign has broken out into a disorienting game of religious liberty musical chairs; Catholic bishops assert the importance of religious liberty like old-fashioned Protestants, […]

by · June 11, 2012 ·
Burden of Proof: Why Most American Evangelicals Reject Long-Earth Evolution

Burden of Proof: Why Most American Evangelicals Reject Long-Earth Evolution

Within the larger context of American Protestant Christianity the debate continues without resolution. Among Christians, creationists are often asked to consider various forms of evidence of a long-history of the earth, but those advocating for a long-earth have largely ignored discussion of the genealogies of the New Testament and the concepts of original sin and salvation. Christian evolutionists have failed to provide a verse-by-verse rebuttal to the Biblical Creation narrative or to acknowledge the extent to which acceptance of creation would impact theology.

Instead theistic evolutionists operate on the supposition that Creationists will eventually bifurcate their religious beliefs from scientific understanding, because incompatibilities must be resolved in favor of science. This places faith directly in conflict with science and any resultant battle on these issues will take centuries if true academic freedom is to be granted, but can resolve faster if the voices of religious dissent are silenced and those who have openly criticized evolution are denied a seat at the academic table.

The attempt to “purify” academia by silencing the voices of critics such as Dr. Carson would be the first step toward a secular Dark Ages. So far, it appears that

by · May 11, 2012 ·
Is Santorum Right?  How to Revive American Protestantism (and Why It is So Important)

Is Santorum Right? How to Revive American Protestantism (and Why It is So Important)

By Michael D. Peabody Like it or not, the GOP Primary season seems to be winding down. Mitt Romney is emerging as the clear winner, and while there may be some chance for another candidate to take the flag, it is “mathematically unlikely.” So let’s debrief. More than any other time in recent history, specific religious beliefs took the center […]

by · March 12, 2012 ·

Southern Mexico’s religious liberty forum spotlights local challenges to freedom of belief

Although they garner little attention from the international community, recent cases of violence directed toward Protestants in the region, among them Adventists, intensify the need to protect the region’s tenuous religious liberty.

by · July 26, 2011 ·

Michael Newdow — Question to Justice Scalia: Does the Establishment Clause Permit the Disregard of Devout Catholics?

Dr. Michael Newdow, an attorney and physician famous for his litigation on church-state issues from an atheist perspective, and and previous article contributor to ReligiousLiberty​.TV, has now published an important law review article for the Capital University Law Review that discusses the history of American religious freedom and tolerance and why the majority should carefully consider the rights of the minority.  Although […]

by · April 28, 2010 ·

VIDEO: God in China — The Struggle for Religious Freedom

In this hour-long documentary, produced for Italy’s RomeReports News Agency, Chinese men and women speak candidly of their experiences as religious believers, and their assessment of what the future may hold for them. The film presents interviews with representatives of both official and underground religions, shows priests and seminarians practicing their faith in secret, and offers a rare glimpse into China’s Muslim community.

by · September 6, 2008 ·