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Beren Academy boys hoops coach Chris Cole still hopeful TAPPS reschedules state semifinal to accommodate Sabbath | Dallas Morning News

  EXCERPT: HOUSTON (AP) — A Texas agency has turned down a request by an Orthodox Jewish school in Houston to reschedule a championship game potentially involving its boys’ basketball team because the game time falls during the Sabbath. The Beren Academy advanced to the semifinals in the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools’ 2A tournament with a 23–5 record and was scheduled […]

by · February 29, 2012 ·

GOP to Consider Accommodating Saturday Sabbath Observers in Nevada Primaries

In the Republican primaries this year, there is a bright spot for religious freedom and diversity. Amy Tarkanian, the state GOP chairwoman told The Associate Press that she has asked the Republican National Committee to weigh in on whether the religious voters should be accommodated by moving their voting to Saturday night, or moved forward to February 2. Casino titan and […]

by · January 20, 2012 ·
When work and religion collide

When work and religion collide

Because religious beliefs are protected and there is a more diverse workforce, religious accommodation issues have increased. This article was written by originally published in the July 19, 2009 Zanesville TimesRecorder and is reprinted here with the permission of the author. By Jim Evans This is not your father’s workplace. A snapshot of today’s workforce looks dramatically different than it did a generation ago. Our workplaces […]

by · July 21, 2009 ·

OUTRAGE IN COLORADO: More than 100 Muslims Fired When They Protest Employer’s Policy Prohibiting Prayer Breaks (NPR)

Greeley, Colorado — Last month, more than 100 Somalis were fired for walking off the job after the company refused to let them take breaks to pray at sunset during the Muslim holiday month of Ramadan. They are in the process of filing a class-action lawsuit against the company.

by · October 2, 2008 ·
EEOC issues New Guidelines on Religious Discrimination

EEOC issues New Guidelines on Religious Discrimination

Thanks to the tireless efforts of many the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has released new guidelines that make clearer recommendations regarding workplace religious discrimination and accommodation of religious practices.  The full guidelines, available at http://​www​.eeoc​.gov/​p​o​l​i​c​y​/​d​o​c​s​/​r​e​l​i​g​i​o​n​.​h​tml , are remarkable in that the EEOC has clarified definitions and provided clear examples of prohibited conduct that can be used in evaluating cases. […]

by · August 6, 2008 ·