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Maryland State Legislature considers a Workplace Religious Freedom Act (HB 381)

ANNAPOLIS – The Maryland State Legislature is presently considering a state-level Workplace Religious Freedom Act" (HB 381).  The bill, currently working its way through the House where it was heard on February 10, 2010, addresses employee requests for observance of holy days. Modeled on the Maryland Flexible Leave Act, the Maryland Workplace Religious Freedom Act would require employers with 15 or more […]


Should Europe recognize Sunday as the official day of rest? (BBC Video)

Dr. Michael Schluter, founder of Keep Sunday Special, debates business entrepreneurs and representatives of other faith groups on the issue of whether Europe should adopt Sunday as a uniform day of rest. Part I Part II Related stories: ANALYSIS: European Sunday Weekly Rest Day Legislation Remains Unlawful "This matter deserves a full debate engaging all the parties concerned and in […]


Arrests Made in Christian Militia Police-Killing Plot (CBN)

EXCERPT: Members of a paramilitary group have been charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and wage war against the United States — and they use God as their reasoning. The group is active in three Midwest states. The FBI believes some of its members were about to launch a massacre. Read more:


NJ county's Sunday buying ban may be checking out (AP)

Thanks to RLTV reader Doug Beasley for finding this story. EXCERPT: The Sunday shopping ban in New Jersey's largest county – among the nation's last remaining blue laws – may be lifted to satisfy the state's hunger for more sales tax revenue. The budget proposed last week by new Republican Gov. Chris Christie assumes $65 million in new sales tax revenue by jettisoning […]


Stephen Colbert Tests Columbia Prof On Textbooks (Comedy Central)

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c I's on Edjukashun – Texas School Board Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor Health Care Reform The Texas State Board of Education has voted to radically alter textbook lessons for future generations, removing from curricula separation of church and state and references to Thomas Jefferson. In response, Stephen Colbert had […]


9th Circuit Upholds the Term 'God' in Pledge and on Currency

9th Circuit Upholds the Term 'God' in Pledge and on Currency

Although this was a lawsuit brought by an atheist, had he won, the result might have actually been more protective of the honor of God. After these rulings stripping the name of God of any religious meaning, those who have so long clamored for God's name to be mentioned as a statement of this nation's religious faith might want to re-think their position.


9th Circuit Holds 'Ministerial Exception' Bars Seminarian Employment Case

EXCERPT: This “ministerial exception” helps to preserve the wall between church and state from even the mundane government intrusion presented here. In this case, plaintiff Cesar Rosas seeks pay for the overtime hours he worked as a seminarian in a Catholic church in Washington. The district court correctly determined that the ministerial exception bars Rosas's claim and dismissed the case on the pleadings.


Washington State Bill to Unionize Child Care Centers Dies in Committee

Washington State Bill to Unionize Child Care Centers Dies in Committee We have good news from the State of Washington. You may have read our last newsletter about the bill that labor unions were trying to pass that would unionize private child care centers, and including faith-based preschools, and categorize their workers as government employees for purposes of union due, […]


Oregon Legislature Votes Down 1923 Ban on Teachers Wearing Religious Dress

Oregon Legislature Votes Down 1923 Ban on Teachers Wearing Religious Dress By Michael Peabody – This month we have a couple of big stories coming out of the great Pacific Northwest. In Oregon, the legislature has passed a bill championed by the Northwest Religious Liberty Association that overturns a 87-year-old law that prohibited teachers from wearing religious dress in the […]


Texas education board rejects in-depth study of First Amendment (

EXCERPT: AUSTIN – Republicans on the State Board of Education soundly rejected a Democratic-backed proposal Thursday that would have required Texas students to be taught the reasons behind the prohibition of a state religion in the Bill of Rights. The contentious decision in curriculum standards for U.S. government classes appeared to signal the unhappiness of several board members with court rulings that […]