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9th Circuit Refuses to Block California's In-home Bible Study Restrictions

A 9th Circuit 3-judge panel has refused to block a California COVID-19 in-home Bible study restriction imposed by Governor Gavin Newsom.


Supreme Court: Calif. restrictions on indoor church meetings unconstitutional

Supreme Court of the United States

The Supreme Court slams California restrictions on indoor church services while finding that capacity and singing limitations can stand.


Free Speech and Social Media Censorship: An Analysis

Free Speech and Social Media Censorship: An Analysis

The guarantee of Free Speech exists next to the religious freedom guarantees in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. These rights often intersect, as the ability to speak according to one’s conscience is innate to almost any conscientious belief system in existence. To apply restrictions to speech would also be applying restrictions to the exercise of religion.


Why the Supreme Court Should Hear the Dalberiste Workplace Religious Accommodation Case

Why the Supreme Court Should Hear the Dalberiste Workplace Religious Accommodation Case

Dalberiste may help courts further define the boundaries of true unnecessary burdens on employers, the role of union agreements in preferring seniority in employee scheduling, and how this affects less senior employees’ opportunity for religious accommodation.


Dr. C. Norman Farley passes to his rest

Dr. C. Norman Farley

We are sad to announce the passing of Dr. C. Norman Farley in November 2020.  He formally served on our Advisory panel beginning in 2016, and he, along with his wife Alice, have been great supporters and volunteers of ReligiousLiberty.TV and Founders' First Freedom. 


Court blocks New York Governor's COVID Restrictions on Religious Congregations

Supreme Court of the United States

In a major victory for religious congregations, delivered late on Thanksgiving Eve, the United States Supreme Court blocked the state of New York from implementing gathering restrictions that the Court ruled discriminate against religious congregations.


Goulard: Churches are Absolutely Essential

Goulard: Churches are Absolutely Essential

What if the church is a place where lives are transformed from the inside out, where people make decisions to follow Christ, and find not only find community, but actual real and powerful solutions to their failing marriage, their chronic mental illnesses, their abject loneliness, their anger and fear and judgment, and pain?


Supreme Court not likely to make individual FBI agents pay for allegedly violating Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Supreme Court of the United States

On October 6, 2020, the United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case on the issue of whether individual FBI agents can be held financially liable if they are found to have violated the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  The underlying case involves Muslim-Americans who alleged that individual FBI agents put them on the "no fly" list after they refused to act as informants against fellow Muslims in terrorism-related investigations.


"I dissent!" A Survey of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Religion Clause Jurisprudence

Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 2016. Official Supreme Court portrait.

Ginsburg wrote little on the religion clauses, but she frequently joined with those Justices who favored a strong separation of church and state. 


LA County fails bid to shut down church and must prove why free exercise rights should be infringed

John MacArthur - Grace Community Church

Los Angeles County lost another battle in its bid to stop Grace Community Church from meeting indoors today. Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff found that, contrary to the County's representation, the Sun Valley megachurch led by Pastor John MacArthur did not violate any court order because no court order prohibited the congregation from meeting indoors.