Principled Freedom: Religious Liberty Plays Musical Chairs

Principled Freedom: Religious Liberty Plays Musical Chairs

By Nicholas P. Miller – It is time to examine a position that provides a principled freedom, both religious and civil, the possibility of a public morality, and a common language with which to discuss and debate the issues. he recent presidential campaign has broken out into a disorienting game of religious liberty musical chairs; Catholic bishops assert the importance of […]


California Senate Approves Controversial Counseling Ban (Pacific Justice Institute)

The California Senate today voted in favor of a groundbreaking bill designed to prohibit counselors and therapists from telling young people it is possible to change same-sex attractions.


U.S. House Committee Votes to Strengthen Military Chaplains' Liberty of Conscience

U.S. House Committee Votes to Strengthen Military Chaplains' Liberty of Conscience

The U.S. House Armed Services Committee has adopted Congressman Todd Akin's (R-Missouri) amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which creates a statutory conscience protection clause for members of the military in general and military chaplains in particular.


Santorum's Martyr Complex (SLATE)

EXCERPT: Is Rick Santorum suffering for his faith? One of his advisers suggested to the Washington Examiner's Byron York that he is, and that Mitt Romney is getting absolution. "Why is Mormonism off limits?" York quotes the adviser as asking. "We're having to spend days answering questions about Rick's faith, which he has been open about. Romney will turn on a […]


Has Obama Waged a War on Religion? (NPR)

NPR's Barbara Bradley Hagerty addresses this question.  Here is an excerpt followed by a link to the article: Americans' religious liberties are under attack – or at least that's what some conservatives say. Newt Gingrich warns the U.S. is becoming a secular country, which would be a "nightmare." Rick Santorum says there's a clash between "man's laws and God's laws." […]


ANALYSIS: Bishops Claim Religious Liberty Under Assault

The Church can assert its right speak in the the public square, but it should not assume power it does not have in order to force the rest of society to follow its lead.


Some Thoughts on the Implications of the Same-Sex Marriage Trial for Religious Minorities

Putting the emotional issues aside, this is the cold reality: If the U.S. Supreme Court takes this case and decides to uphold Proposition 8, this outcome could strip away fundamental principles that also protect religious minorities.