Podcast highlights religious liberty and social justice through Adventist lens

Podcast host Peter Chung and guest Ivor Meyers

Peter Chung, a history teacher at San Gabriel Academy in Southern California, hosts a religious liberty and social justice podcast series, "Healing the Nations," that addresses current issues "through the lens of the historical religious liberty view of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


(VIDEO) Greg Hamilton: "We The People" and Christ's Counter-Revolution

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Based on Mark 15 and Revelation 13, this seminar examines current events in light of Bible prophecy. The fickle crowd dynamics at Christ's trial parallels today's political and religious crowd. As our nation's founders predicted, this foment is leading to the dissolution of our Constitution. But Christ is preparing those who will listen and learn—as He did with His disciples—for a greater revolutionary calling in these last days.


Lawrence Geraty – Diversity: Friend or Foe? (Video Presentation)

An inspirational presentation by Dr. Lawrence Geraty, former president of La Sierra University and noted archaeologist, speaking at Newbold College on how God's creation of a world of diversity should inform how we value the human rights of each individual.


Religious Liberty: Windows of Vulnerability?—Bert Beach

[fblike style="standard" showfaces="true" verb="like" font="arial"] 01-19-2013 Burt Beach: Religious LIberty: Windows of Vulnerability? from Spencerville Adventist on Vimeo. Bert Beach presented this sermon at the Spencerville Seventh-day Adventist Church on January 19, 2013.


Tom McClintock – CISPA Cyber-security Bill – A Truly Orwellian Measure

Speech Made by Congressman Tom McClintock from the House Floor on April 27, 2012


RLTV Podcast: The Rock v. The Gates and the Role of the Remnant

A presentation by Michael Peabody at the Corona Seventh-day Adventist Church – February 4, 2012.


Conversation with Justice Ginsburg – C-SPAN

Professor Joan Williams spoke with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg about legal issues and the courts. Topics included abortion, gender equality, equal protection, the role of justices in political system, and working relationships between the justices. She responded to questions from the audience.


U.S. Senator Lieberman Describes Sabbath Observance in New Book

Senator Joseph Lieberman, Independent-Democrat of Connecticut and former vice presidential candidate describes his observance of the Sabbath in his new book entitled, "The Gift of Rest." Description: The Sabbath is a gift that Senator Joe Lieberman, as an observant Jew, received from his parents who, in turn, received it from their parents, who received it from generations of Jews before […]


Refuge Camp in Africa "The Most Desperate Place on Earth" (CNN)

Refuge Camp in Africa "The Most Desperate Place on Earth" (CNN)

EXCERPT:  "It makes me want to scream, but instead I nearly cry."  CNN's Anderson Cooper reports – Dadaab, Kenya (CNN) — Right now, this may be the most desperate place on Earth. "A drought, not seen in 60 years, compounded with near complete lawlessness and utter disregard for human life has made it so. "It is hard to imagine, but dust […]


Lifting The Veil: Muslim Women Explain Their Choice (NPR)

EXCERPT: For centuries, Islamic scholars have said that Muslim women must cover their hair. But many Muslim women don't. There are about 1 million Muslim women in America; 43 percent of them wear headscarves all the time, according to the Pew Research Center. About 48 percent – or half a million women – don't cover their hair, in fact the […]