Blue Laws and Sunday Legislation-why do they exist? CNN Video

A video describing some of the religious and secular rationale behind American Sunday blue laws.


PBS Series "Liberty's Kids" Now on YouTube

An excellent educational cartoon series for kids (and adults) starring Walter Cronkite as Ben Franklin is now on YouTube. In this episode, Ben Franklin, Moses, and James discover disguised colonists raiding the tea-laden ship that Sarah is aboard. To watch the entire series, go to The official website, which includes activities and information for parents and teachers is located at


Chris Seiple: Religious Freedom: The Ultimate Counterterrorism Weapon?

While the U.S. can summon hard power with relative ease, employing soft power is more difficult. Indeed, smart power suggests that hard and soft power are two sides of the same coin, that our interests are protected when our values are promoted. If Americans want to engage the world with efficient and enduring effect, we must better understand the essence of American power and the foundation of the global public square: religious freedom.


Civil Rights Pioneer E.E. Cleveland talks about meeting Martin Luther King, Jr.

On August 30, 2009, renowned evangelist Edward Earl Cleveland died at Huntsville Hospital in Huntsville, Alabama. He was 88.  Cleveland worked for more than 60 years as a Seventh-day Adventist pastor, evangelist, church leader, teacher, and civil rights leader. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. attended one of Cleveland's tent meetings in 1954 in Montgomery and the two created a lasting […]


Documentary: The End of America by Naomi Wolf

In a stunning indictment of sweeping policy changes during the Bush years, best-selling author Naomi Wolf (The Beauty Myth) makes a chilling case that American democracy is under threat. Investigating parallels between our current situation and the rise of dictators and fascism in once-free societies, Wolf uncovers a number of deeply unsettling similarities-from the use of paramilitary groups and secret […]


VIDEO: California Supreme Court Oral Arguments on Prop 8

Watch the March 5, 2009 proceedings and read the briefs on both sides of this contentious issue.


VIDEO: Modesto Priest Urges Obama Supporters To Confess (KOVR-TV)

MODESTO, Calif. — A Roman Catholic priest has told parishioners they should confess if they voted for Barack Obama because the president-elect supports abortion.


Weekend Inspiration: Bill Hybels Interviews Bono

Bill Hybels of Willowcreek interviews Bono, lead singer of U2, about how churches should respond to the AIDS crisis in Africa.


VIDEO: War on/for Christmas Begins! Focus on the Family Protests Religiously Neutral Retailers

It is an amusing video, but the message is clear – retailers should be commercializing Christmas, not just the "holidays." At Christmastime, all retailers should be Christian or at least not offend Christians by recognizing other celebrations of the holiday season. Apparently FOTF believes that the "Christian" (not "Judeo-Christian") majority should prevail and if you don't like it, find another country.


Roosevelt's or Reagan's America? A Time for Choosing

By John Marini – Imprimis – In light of the differences between the ideas and policies of Roosevelt and Reagan, it is not surprising that political debates today are so bitter. Indeed, they resemble the religious quarrels that once convulsed western society. The progressive defenders of the bureaucratic state see government as the source of benevolence, the moral embodiment of the collective desire to bring about social justice as a practical reality. They believe that only mean-spirited reactionaries can object to a government whose purpose is to bring about this good end. Defenders of the older constitutionalism, meanwhile, see the bureaucratic state as increasingly tyrannical and destructive of inalienable rights.