Three Attorneys Discuss Religious Liberty, Same-sex Marriage Laws and the Supreme Court

Three Attorneys Discuss Religious Liberty, Same-sex Marriage Laws and the Supreme Court

Courtesy Spectrum Magazine – Juan Perla, Christensen & Hymas and Michael Peabody discuss two Supreme Court cases that challenge accident laws: Proposition 8 and the Defense of Personal injury Act. The panel is moderated by Alexander Carpenter.   Download MP3  


RLTV Podcast: The Rock v. The Gates and the Role of the Remnant

A presentation by Michael Peabody at the Corona Seventh-day Adventist Church – February 4, 2012.


RLTV PODCAST – "Under the Blood Banner" Eric Kreye talks about Growing Up in Hitler's Germany

Eric Kreye, whose story is told in the book Under the Blood Banner: The Story of a Hitler Youth talks with Michael Peabody about growing up in Hitler's Germany. Born in America but raised in Germany, Eric describes how he was beaten by his teacher when he could not recite Hitler's life story, how his father helped him avoid many of the Hitler Youth activities, how his family hid a Jewish woman and her daughter from the Gestapo, what it was like when the American military moved into Germany, and how he and his brother came to America.


RLTV PODCAST: Jason Hines – A Passion for Freedom

Attorneys Jason Hines and Michael Peabody discuss principles of  liberty of conscience.


RLTV PODCAST: Ryan Bell – "I'm a Social Justice Christian"

Ryan Bell, pastor of the Hollywood Seventh-day Adventist Church talks with Michael Peabody about Glenn Becks' recent controversial comments against "social justice Christians" and why Christians should work toward social justice.


RLTV Podcast: Martin Surridge on Swiss Minarets and the French Burqa Ban

Martin Surridge, the new associate editor of ReligiousLiberty.TV and Michael Peabody discuss recent developments in Europe.


RLTV PODCAST: Jason Hines on The Church, Same-Sex Marriage, and Public Policy

Michael Peabody interviews Jason Hines, attorney and Andrews University seminary student, about the topic of same-sex marriage and why religious groups need to be careful to protect liberty of conscience in their advocacy on this issue.


RLTV PODCAST: Monte Sahlin on How to Help Haiti

Monte Sahlin is the director of Research and Development of the Ohio Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and is an expert international humanitarian aid.  In this podcast he discusses the Haiti Earthquake and the response of a church group from Idaho that tried to help but got in trouble. He discussed Haiti  and other current issues on his blog at http://www.MonteSahlin.com. […]


RLTV PODCAST: Martin Surridge on the Decline of Islamic Terrorism

Martin Surridge and Michael Peabody discuss Surridge's recent article, "Is the Era of Large-Scale Islamic Terrorism Coming to an End?" in which he theorizes that Islamic terrorism in the West is on the decline.


RLTV PODCAST: Attorney Karen Scott on the Current Problem of Human Trafficking in the United States

Michael Peabody interviews  Karen Scott about the  problem of modern day slavery and human trafficking in the United States. Bumper Music: "What's the Matter with the World" by C Sharp.  Music obtained through MusicAlley.com.